Tech Things Tuesday: GPS, Gadgets and Digital… stuff

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Cheap Things Tuesday makes way for a tech special edition. Well, it’s Black Friday Week (groan) after all, so now’s as good a time as any.

There are button links below each item summary with ‘See Deal at…’ written on them. These buttons – and the header links and linked pics – click-through to retailers. Should you end up buying from these retailers then Singletrack may earn a small bit of commission. This does not alter the amount you pay by the way.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch was £599.99, now £480.00

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch

“The Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch is the next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches. Built on the exploits of athletes and adventurers, the Fenix 6 Pro Series is for those who push past limits and redefine expectations.”

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS was £520.00, now £389.00

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS

“Top of the range advanced GPS bike computer. This ultimate GPS cycling computer comes with 3.5 inch colour touchscreen display combines navigation, performance, cycling awareness and smart connectivity.”

XLC Hanging Scales was £43.99, now £32.99

XLC Hanging Scales

“The XLC Hanging Scales are a versatile digital set of scales built to accurately weigh bikes, frames, and components. Measures in pounds to the ounce and kilograms to the hundredth.”

Topeak SmartHead Digital Gauge D2 was £32.99, now £19.75

Topeak SmartHead Digital Gauge D2

“The Topeak Smart Gauge D2 is a precision digital gauge that reads up to 250 psi / 17 bar and is designed for use with road tyres, suspension forks and rear shock units. The LCD display can show pressure in psi, Bar or kg/cm2.”

LifeLine Digital Vernier Calipers was £25.00, now £19.99

LifeLine Digital Vernier Calipers

“A brilliantly accurate way of getting your measurements just right when repairing, modifying or augmenting your bike, the LifeLine Digital Calipers will see you right to within +/-0.02mm.”

LifeLine Digital Shock Pump was £44.99, now £35.99

LifeLine Digital Shock Pump

“The LifeLine Digital Shock Pump is perfect if you need a reliable mountain bike suspension shock pump that can provide extremely accurate inflations.”

Topeak JoeBlow Sport Digital Pump was £85.00, now £64.00

Topeak JoeBlow Sport Digital Pump

“An easy-to-read mid-mounted digital gauge delivers accurate tire pressure readings up to 160psi / 11bar. Hammer type TwinHead DX5 pump head with an extra-long, tangle-free hose makes it easy to reach valve stems.”

Saris M2 Smart Trainer was £430.00, now £249.00

Saris M2 Smart Trainer

“This do-it-all, smart bike trainer can replicate any workout thrown its way, up to 1500 watts and a 15% climbing grade. Simply connect to your indoor cycling application of choice via integrated dual-band ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth.”

Wahoo Element Roam V1 GPS was £299.99, now £199.99

Wahoo Roam V1 GPS

“Packed with technology, there’s a colour display and programmable LED indicators so you can keep track of both your route and performance. Setup is simple using Wahoo’s Companion app.”. 

Garmin Edge 830 GPS was £349.00, now £249.00

Garmin Edge 830 GPS

“Delve deep into key performance metrics in order to focus and determine the correct training load, so you are always doing what is right for your body, without the fear of burning out or under preparation.”

SKS COMPIT+ Smartphone Holder And Charger was £82.99, now £65.99

“The COMPIT+ Smartphone Holder And Charger from SKS is a versatile and stylish smartphone holder that can be rotated to achieve the perfect viewing angle and has an integrated power bank that can charge your device as you ride.”

GoPro Hero 9 Black was £379.99, now £299.99

GoPro Hero 9

“The ultimate action camera, the GoPro HERO9 is engineered to capture all the action with 20MP photos and 5K video resolution.”

NB: These deals will expire!

Deals do not last forever. Stuff sells out. Retailers end promotions. Deals just… end. With that in mind, please check the date when this edition of Cheap Things Tuesday was published (it’s up at the top near the headline). If this edition was published a few days/weeks/months ago, chances are not every deal is going to still be live.

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  • Tech Things Tuesday: GPS, Gadgets and Digital… stuff
  • dhague
    Full Member

    The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is available for a mere £299.99 at Wiggle and CRC..

    Free Member

    Fenix 6 pro and 6s pro are £300, 6X pro £330 at currys

    Free Member

    Fenix 6 pro and 6s pro are £300, 6X pro £330 at currys

    I was also going to comment on this ‘deal’ (ahem). It would be nice if ST could perhaps add some editorial comment or scrutiny to the stuff they have been paid to promote. The pasted “The Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch is the next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches” stuff is clearly from the launch of this model years ago, and now totally incorrect.

    Full Member

    those LifeLine Digital Vernier Calipers are just generic Chinese ones, doesn’t even look like they’ve bothered to rebrand them! They’re actually OK but you can get the exact same ones from eBay for a fraction of the price, cheapest I can see with a quick search is £6.08 delivered.

    Free Member

    Agree with the above comment on the calipers. I’ve had my generic version for years and they’re perfect for those ‘what diameter is that post’ moments but I wouldn’t trust them for accurate lathe work etc (even if I could do it).

    Full Member

    “The Fenix 6 Pro GPS Watch is the next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches.”

    Well. Except for the next generation Fenix 7 that has been out since January.

    “Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS.
    Top of the range advanced GPS bike computer.”

    Other that the topper top of the range 1040 that has also been out most of the year.


    Anyone want to buy my state of the art 486 computer with Windows 3.1 and 26kb memory  whilst we’re here. Great tech, fantastic best-cousin price.

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