Break In At Cotic Bikes

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Cy Turner is asking for your help in recovering the five bikes that were stolen from Cotic HQ last night. Here’s the announcement from Instagram:

We were broken into last night between 1000-1045. It could have been a lot worse had it not been for our brilliant neighbours and the speedily responding @derbyshireconstabulary. Our demo fleet was targeted, and although 3 bikes were recovered at the scene, the above photographed 5 bikes are definitely gone.

  • C3 Silver XT FOX @hopetech RocketMAX
  • C2 Gritstone @srammtb @rockshox Rocketmax
  • Large Midnight Blue XT @rockshox Jeht
  • XL Nimbus SLX Rockshox Jeht with high rise Rental bars
  • Slate Grey FLAREMAX SLX with blue SID, small or medium (still working that out)
  • All have @hunt.mountain wheels.

No one was hurt, and ultimately it is just stuff. But, I would I would have preferred to be up until 2am on my wedding anniversary doing something else, and as I need help I am about to ruin Saturday for the rest of the staff. That probably pisses me off more than the bikes. However, if you spot these relatively rare bikes for sale where they shouldn’t be, contact us, or Derbyshire Police. Thanks, Cy

As well as helping to sell bikes, Cy’s demo fleet has been used to support a range of activities that has helped put them in the running for the Singletrack Reader ‘Giving It Back’ Award. As Cy says, it could have been worse, but it would be great to see the bikes recovered and the thieves caught. Keep your eyes peeled!

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  • Break In At Cotic Bikes
  • kayak23
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    Oh no!
    Scum 😡😭😡

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    And Jtech just a couple of days ago too

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    They’ll be back for warranty work soon enough.

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    @cyclelife Classy.

    Full Member

    @cyclelife Classy. Dick


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    @cyclelife whatever you might think of Cotic they’ve been robbed by a bunch of lowlife, lost ten grand plus of kit and you could have just kept quiet or sent some good wishes.

    Whatever happened to being kind and supportive.

    Hope they find the scumbags and the bikes too.

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    Arsehole theiving bastards.

    Having been a victim of burglary fairly recently I can tell you it’s a horrible feeling.

    Hopefully they get their comeuppance, preferably by a beating rather than the law.

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    Scum. Sub-human scum.

    I hate how people target small hard working businesses like this.

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    That’s harsh.

    What’s also harsh is **** comments like @cyclelife’s.

    And what’s unfortunate is:
    <h3 id=”h-singletrack-recommended-deals-security”>Singletrack Recommended Deals – Security</h3>
    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”> appearing below the article, before the comments 🙈</span>

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    Those “Singletrack Recommended Deals – Security” look okay to me (well, the ones where the links work). If you have one or two bikes at home, it is well worth having kit like that to help slow down and deter the more “casual” thief. If this story prompts you to up your own bike security, is that a bad thing? But determined groups targeting shops, bike companies, distributors, clubs etc are a whole different problem that those tools don’t really put off.

    The police are fully involved in terms of this break in, which is key.

    A quick note: Lots of people in the area (living and visiting) have been very helpful and supportive towards Cy and Cotic more generally today. Properly heartwarming. There are lots of great people out there. I’m passing on thanks here if any of you are reading this. And reminding others… there are loads of great people out there… don’t focus too much on the kind of people that carry out these crimes… think about all the good out there as well… have a positive rest of the weekend.

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    That’s all a bit shit.
    Having also been a victim of a buglary where our bikes were stolen I know what it feels like to have this happen.

    Really hope they catch the people that did this and recover the bikes. I know it’s not likely, but we can live in hope.

    Nice to hear that people are beingn supportive.


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    Terrible news and I feel for Cy and team.
    They were all very helpful when I had questions and needed help with my BFe a few years ago and I hope (probably way too optimistically) that they get them returned undamaged.

    Hopefully they get their comeuppance, preferably by a beating rather than the law.

    With luck it’ll be both.

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    That’s just nasty. Theft stinks. As do the thieves.

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    Reminds me if the best shop door sign ever (Base Csmp bikenin Grantown on Spey).

    “Death to bike thieves”.

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    I assume the thieving arserags would strip the bits off & flog the parts, ditch the frames?
    They’re a bit unique to flog on Marketplace Shirley?
    My eyes are peeled here in North Yorkshire.

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    Have you checked the bakewell bakery ?, those bakers are always needing the dough 😛

    In seriousness. The small estate Cotic are on looks pretty secure, especially given theres house at the gate(google maps)

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    Burglars are oanaists. End of.

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