Bespoked Bike Check: Coal Bikes 84

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Coal Bikes turned a few heads at last year’s Bespoked show in Harrogate. This year, Bespoked has moved to the Lee Valley Velodrome in London, on 14-16th October, perhaps you’ll be tempted to head along and feast your eyes on some hand built dreams.

Coal Bikes 84

It’s an enduro bike, for anything, park, free ride, big mountain stuff. TIG is the best way to build this kind of bike because it’s strong and light, and I can because I’m a coded welder.

Nottingham based Gav has built hundreds of bikes in his lifetime, in steel, aluminium and titanium. He says that ‘Building the bike is easy, chatting to customers and doing Instagram and all that shit’s the hard part’.

  • Price: £2,800 frame and shock
  • Frame material: Reynolds 853 and 631 steel
  • Construction method: tig
  • Wheelsize & max tyre clearance: 29 mullet 2.4/2.6

What kinds of bikes do you build?:
F***ing mint ones (enduro bikes)

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Feature you’re most pleased with?:
The suspension linkage, because it was designed by Desmoto Racing and it just works so well.

Any lessons learnt or things you’d do differently next time?:
F***ing Jesus. Where do I start? I guess selling bikes is harder than you think. Making bikes is easy, selling bikes is hard.

Details of any optional extras customers can choose.:
You can have custom colours and decals if you like for about £150

What’s your lead time?:
6 to 8 weeks

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  • Bespoked Bike Check: Coal Bikes 84
  • Blackflag
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    Very nice. Proper head tube badge needed – obviously

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    Spell check…



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