Fresh Goods Friday 615: Rave On Edition

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Welcome one and all to the show your telly was made for – or the regular web feature your phone and/or computer was made for – Fresh Goods Friday!

What do have for you this week? Kids clothes, bleeding stuff, flatties, mushrooms, torture fans, jerseys, jackets, medallions and more!

Get in there.

PE’s best?

Altura Kids Cycle Clothing

  • Price: £30.00 Lightweight LS Jersey, £35.00 Spark Trail Shorts, £18.00 Spark Gloves, £10 Airstream Socks
  • From: Altura

Kids kit kourtesy of Altura. Ted here is sporting a Lightweight LS Jersey made from polyester with recycled content and a big old graphic on the front. The shorts are Spark Trail made from a nylon mix fabric with a water-resistant finish with two hand pockets and a zipped pocket on thigh. Finishing off things we have a pair of Spark gloves and some Airstream socks. All looking very dapper for the photoshoot for the next issue’s kids’ bike test.

Hope Easy Brake Bleed Kit

  • Price: £25.00 (for this Tech 4 kit, not including fluid)
  • From: Hope Tech

We really liked the Tech 4 E4 brake setup recently. So we got the bigger bruiser Tech 4 V4 setup in for test. And this is the bleed kit for it so we can trim our hoses to the exact length required for maximum neatness points. And in typical Hope fashion, everything that could be made in-house over in Barnoldswick, has been just that. I imagine they even tried machining their own rubber hose.

Specialized Boomslang Platform Pedal

Boomslang pedals have been around for a while. So long in fact that they’ve arguably just been a bit forgotten about. 10mm thickness at centre. Undercut pins. Pedal body carriers four spare pins for easy replacement. Tapered outside pedal edge for maximum grip and ground clearance. 110x108mm. Innovative spinny trapdoor thing for accessing needle bearings at the outer end of the axle spindle. No exactly cheap pedals but it’ll be interesting to see if their bearing-not-bushing design results in a longer lifespan compared to other pedal designs.

Amanda’s Mushroom

  • Priceless
  • From: Probably Hebden Bridge

This little chap just popped up out of nowhere, and asked if he could be on the internet.

Vacmaster Cardio54 Fitness Fan

Originally sold as an industrial fan, Vacmaster clocked on that lots of people were using this powerhouse for indoor turbo training, so it’s now got a remote. The fitness fan, for fans of fitness. Or lovers of discomfort and indoor torture. Rhys has bought this in preparation for training for the National Hill Climb Champs… Amanda has used it to dry the bedding in record time.

Maloja TrentinoM Jersey

This lightweight, moisture-wicking jersey has a cute smiley face hidden on it! It’s a really nice material, ideal for warm days and when you want to be easily spotted.

Giro Cascade Insulated Jacket

We don’t know much about this jacket but it sure is orange.


Amanda went to Kirroughtree for the 10 hour endurance race again, and had an even better time than last year. The weather was worse, which made for some quite interesting line development, mostly off the track into bogs.

A musical contribution from Vicky, who was supporting/feeding the team at 10@Kirroughtree. “Like a rave in a bathtub”

“Goes perfectly with a nice cup of chamomile tea and a line of speed.”

Fist Handwear Chapter 16 – Los Taka Glove

Charlie here… We really like these gloves, you just can’t be unhappy in gloves like these. Across the palm you have the word “Taka” printed, and we think this means “dirt”, which is cool with us. We love taka.

Where did Amanda find the severed hand for the photo shoot? Does she have a collection of them under her stairs? Or is this just a normal Sunday morning Todmorden towpath find?

We are going broader with the products we sell in the merch store. Every week or so I will hunt around the bike industry and find you a killer deal. The mega turbo special price will be for full Singletrack members only (that’s Print and/or Digital members). It’s a member perk. Sometimes it will be Mexican styled party gloves, and the next week it could be something more practical such as a great deal on chains. Watch this space.

Thread Of The Week

We’re selfishly hijacking this week’s TOTW to feature our very own tommathy‘s post about the new site design. get feedbackin’ kids!


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Not Altern 8
Yes Altern 8


Until next time. Enjoy the Bank Holiday (if you get one)!

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 615: Rave On Edition
  • duncancallum
    Full Member

    Is it just me that thinks hope should have the reservoirs with an Allen key port so you can fit the bleed kit on with out lifting the lid?

    Not sure how you’d fettle it with the diaphragm but it would be so much easier

    Full Member

    Congrats on your 2nd place!!

    Full Member

    Yeah the std non bleed diaphragm means that wouldn’t work. Plus, how often do you really bleed your brakes? I’ve done my 2x sets of tech 3 v4’s no more than 3 times in 3 years.

    Full Member

    Merch store linky no worky

    Full Member

    I got the Tech 3 version of that bleed kit recently, it’s a joy. I even bled my mates brakes, just so I could use it again. And you can stick on a syringe and push fluid up from the bottom too, which speeds it all up.

    Full Member


    Full Member

    Well done on getting another medal. Trophy cabinet incoming. Good luck to Rhys. Most importantly, though, what’s the mushroom’s name?

    Full Member

    Is it just me or when I click on a photo I can no longer use the arrow keys to move back / forth through the photos and escape to go back to the article? Each photo appears on it’s own web page.

    Free Member

    Watch for the needle bearing cages cracking on those Boomslangs. 3 sets and they all cracked and Specialized don’t carry spares… Grippy nice feeling pedals but ultimately expensive garbage

    Full Member

    Love those gloves. 😍

    Full Member

    @brakestoomuch…. Magic🤪

    Full Member

    Love the gloves so much I’ve just ordered some.

    Full Member

    Yes Altern 8 indeed!! That Prodigy vs Enya mix is inspired.

    Full Member

    Altern-8 brings back happy memories.

    Those pedals certainly look a good optionfor those busting a groove away from home.

    Scuse my crudeness though that shroom reminds me I must visit the clinic.


    Full Member

    Big fan of fist gloves. Got several pairs. 😀

    Well done Amanda 😀

    Full Member

    Name of the shroom must be “Cilla” shurely?

    I like the fist gloves, but the thumbs are a bit long, which I’ve never had with any other gloves, the index finger works well with my phone screen though. Not sure about the #fistarmy sticker.

    Free Member

    Can confirm the Specialized Boomslang pedals are not good for the UK weather. And they’re a bit of a pain to service with their own proprietary tool needed to undo them.

    Better off with some DMR Vaults or Burgtec Penthouse. Penthouses will last forever on one set of bearings. Vaults will need constant servicing, but as long as you expect it, it only takes ten minutes and they’re so grippy you could ride in Crocs.

    Full Member

    Anyone know if Hope sell the tech4 bleed kit reservoir lid separately to the kit? I’ve got the tech3 kit already so don’t need the rest of it.

    Full Member

    Anyone know if Hope sell the tech4 bleed kit reservoir lid separately to the kit? I’ve got the tech3 kit already so don’t need the rest of it.

    Of course they do, it’s Hope – they sell ALL the spares 😉

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