Food and drink to avoid on a ride – no, really, just don’t do it!

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Sanny has been engaging in adventures of a culinary kind to make sure that you don’t make mistakes next time you fill up your Camelbak.

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  • Food and drink to avoid on a ride – no, really, just don’t do it!
  • Gary Biles
    Full Member

    Beer, coffee and banana’s aside you could put all the others on a list of food you should never eat FULL STOP!
    As for fizzy drinks in a bidon, if it doesn’t spray your bike you will catch a face full the first time you try and drink some of it.

    Full Member

    I’m very surprised that there is no Greggs Chicken Slice thing on that list, clearly his taste in food (much like his riding) has changed over the years…(I’d rather eat a Greggs than a MacciDees – but then I’m weak and will eat pretty much anything and everything anyway, so when I say I’d rather, I probably wouldn’t be turning it down!)

    Matthew Hornby
    Full Member

    Ignore the urban myth that their milkshakes contain animal fats.

    How could something containing 75% milk NOT contain animal fat? It’s made from skimmed milk apparently, but there’s still some fat in it otherwise it’d just be water.

    Full Member

    Fizzy water in your bottle – I have to disagree. The perfect amount of fizz to blast the mud and sheep shit out of the nozzle so you get a nice drink of clean, but fizzy, water. You can also aim it at your mates if you are that easy inclined!

    Free Member

    I seemed to meet a lot of 50 year old vintage road and mtb racers with teeth problems now, that they all put down to copious amounts of sugary energy drinks in the 90s. We all know to avoid sugar drinks in our day to day lives so its always a shock to see how many people rely on them to get through a ride at the weekend.

    Fahzure Freeride
    Full Member

    Wow. I guess there are many ways…to coronary heart disease. Real food, like nuts (and nut butters) seem to work well, have strong nutritional value and don’t support the craptastic capitalist (read:earth raping) corporations trying to make a quick buck on your short life. How about eating FOOD?

    Full Member


    Erm, problem solved….

    Full Member

    I once did a road (sorry) sportive expecting gels and energy bars at the feed stop. All they had was pork pies and sausage rolls.

    Full Member

    Real food, like nuts (and nut butters)… don’t support the craptastic capitalist (read:earth raping) corporations

    Although I love nuts (ooh err) see the social and environmental impacts of cashew nut production and processing, the water and pesticide usage for almond farming etc.

    Full Member

    Peanut butter on toast pre ride does me, maybe a flapjack halfway round. Just drink water with a splash of dilute juice in it. Post ride though? ALL OF THE FOODS.

    Full Member

    I once did a road (sorry) sportive expecting gels and energy bars at the feed stop. All they had was pork pies and sausage rolls.

    FLAB sportive from Ilkley?

    David Gould
    Free Member

    I did consider including Pepperami as it is “A bit of an animal”. `I just don’t know which bit! Anything that looks like a dog’s lipstick is not exactly haute cuisine but having had one on a ride a couple of weeks ago, it was great (to my shame!)



    PS The Shake fat is an urban myth. Wondered if anyone would spot that?

    Full Member

    A non tunnocks snowball? Should Danny be expelled from Scotland?

    Full Member

    Big bowl of sloppy oates with honey,maple or golden syrup for brekkie and peanut butter crackers for ride all washed down with plenty of h2o and for afters lots of anything!

    Full Member

    Doesn’t like beer. Renders the article irrelevant.

    Full Member

    I used to work at Maccy’s and trust me trying to pry the apple pies from their holder after they’d been fried was a genuine hazard. If one broke on you it’s amazing how fast you can get yourself to a tap to pour cold water over your hand.

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