New Nukeproof coil options from EXT, FAST & PUSH

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Just an excuse to show a bunch of really cool looking stuff. We like Nukeproof Megas and Gigas. And we’re really enjoying testing coil shocks at the moment for a group test in the mag.

So… yeah. The news of some limited edition coiled-up Nukeproof frames is both eye candy and food for thought at the same time.

OMFG much?

Press Release


Be it at the trailhead, pits or across the internet forums, the “coil Vs air” debate has divided some riders. There are pros and cons for each, and the honest answer is there is no definitive answer, just a matter of opinion for what suits a riding style. Thankfully, the progressive kinematics of the Nukeproof Mega and Giga frames allow them to excel with either air or coil, so the choice really is that of the riders.

In 2022 Nukeproof launched the Giga RS and MegaWatt RS utilising Rockshox’s Super Deluxe Coil. With a noticeable demand from customers, Nukeproof wanted to offer another coil option to the range. But which one? With so many specialists making high performance products and Nukeproof’s desire to only settle for the best it was a tough call. After months of testing and working with several manufacturers the choice was simple, why offer one when you can offer three?

Nukeproof are proud to offer the Mega and Giga with the choice of rear shocks from specialist tuning houses PUSH, FAST and EXT.

The Nukeproof Reactor trail bike didn’t miss out on this limited-edition offering either. The Reactor’s kinematics really suit the air shock and with Rockshox also launching the latest generation of Super Deluxe shock, it’s a perfect time to offer something new here too.

All frames are Ltd Editions and available through our global retail network. It only leaves the question; how will you build yours?

PUSH Industries Giga & Mega 297:

Colorado based tuning house PUSH Industries sweats the details so you can ride one of the finest rear shocks available. Nukeproof have worked directly with PUSH to optimise the tune of the ELEVENSIX shock for the Giga and Mega leverage curve.

Benefits of the Push Elevensix shock:

  • Custom tuned for Mega/Giga
  • Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with increased range
  • Four port symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston
  • Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston
  • Motorsport grade spherical bearing eyelet mounts
  • High-Volume Low-Pressure Reservoir System (90psi)
  • 25 clicks of external low-speed compression adjustment
  • 25 clicks of external high-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of external low speed rebound adjustment
  • Ultralight Hybrid Hypercoil progressive spring system
  • Engineered specifically for each bike’s unique suspension characteristic
  • Individually dyno tested
  • Motorex 3D Response Technology Oil
  • Manufactured and hand assembled by PUSH in Colorado

Mega 297:
425 – Small
450 – Medium
475 – Large
500 – X Large
525 – XX Large

Giga 297:
450 – Small
475 – Medium
500 – Large
525- X Large
550 – XX Large

Colour Options:
Mega: Teal & Silver or Silver & Yellow
Giga: Teal & Silver or Silver & Yellow

FAST Giga & Mega 297:

French tuning specialist FAST have been at the forefront of the scene since 2007, winning world titles and races with their athletes. Nukeproof and FAST have tuned their awesome Fenix Evo Enduro Shock specifically for the Mega & Giga platforms as well as custom etching the Shock specially for Nukeproof.


  • Custom tuned for Mega/Giga
  • 100% CNC
  • Integrated Climb Switch
  • Alloy 7075 T6 made and anodized with a PTFE impregnation to reduce friction.
  • Monobloc Shaft + eyelet = stiffer and stronger.
  • A membrane is used to reduce friction and heat.
  • Viton Shaft seals for better heat resistance.
  • VDP piston = better traction control.
  • 3 independent compression circuits LS – MS – HS = perfect ground flattening.
  • Shock Weight without spring is 500g (230x65mm)

Mega 297
425 – Small
450 – Medium
475 – Large
500 – X Large
525 – XX Large

Giga 297
450 – Small
475 – Medium
500 – Large
525- X Large
550 – XX Large

Colour Options:
Mega: Black ‘n Chrome
Giga: Black ‘n Chrome or Purple ‘n Chrome

EXT Giga & Mega 290/ 297:

From F1 to rally to MX, Italian tuning house EXT has a wealth of history and experience. Nukeproof and EXT have custom tuned their awesome new Storia LOK shock to excel with the Mega and Giga kinematics.

Benefits of the EXT STORIA LOK:

  • Custom tuned for Mega/Giga
  • 4-way adjustable (LSC-HSC-LSR-Lok proprietary system
  • High flow Ø29 mm main piston
  • Ø24 mm valve piston
  • Ø14 mm shaft
  • New Lok Technology – Progressive opening – Silent working
  • Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow
  • Ultra-low-friction coating
  • Factory tuned HBC technology
  • Very low reservoir pressure for maximum sensitivity (55 PSI)
  • No cavitation
  • Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
  • High turbulent flow for very low temperature depending
  • Low friction Energize seal
  • Thinner bottom-out bumper
  • New rebound knob for easy spring swap

Mega 297/ 290:
400LBS (SMALL- 297 Only)

Giga 297/ 290:
400LBS (SMALL- 297 Only)

Colour options:
Mega: Black ‘n Chrome or White & Gold
Giga: Black ‘n Chrome or White & Gold

Update: some prices finally (sorry!)

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  • New Nukeproof coil options from EXT, FAST & PUSH
  • dirkpitt74
    Full Member

    Love the Purple – any ideas on price?

    Free Member

    Apparently between £3k for the Reactor to £3700 for the Push’d Giga.

    It’s a good job they cost that much, lovely as they are I can’t bring myself to spend that on a frame!

    Full Member

    Can you get any/all of those shocks aftermarket with the specific tune? I’ve been looking for a coil for my Giga.

    My mate has an EXT STORIA on his Pole and it’s a lovely thing. I just wish it wasn’t quite such an expensive thing!

    Full Member

    @j46 hmm I could have bought mine with an X2, upgraded to a EXT and still come under the PUSH frame/shock combo. That was back in December 21 tho so I assume frames cost more now.

    Free Member

    It only leaves the question; how will you build yours?

    No, it leaves the question “how much do they bloody cost?”.

    If they didn’t put it on the press release, you could have asked them STW.

    Full Member article say the Mega is £2549.99 with Fast, £2699.99 with EXT and £2999.99 with Push. Giga is £2649.99 with Fast, £2799.99 with EXT, £3099.99 with Push.

    Full Member

    Fair. Soz.

    Prices-shot added now.

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