Internet Rummagings – Bacon Cheeseburger Edition

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Welcome back to this month’s rummage through the internet bike shop back room where we find bikes and parts whose native countries foods they are renowned for, would come to create something brilliant. An American burger, some Danish Bacon, and some Swiss cheese. Let’s dig in! Neuhaus Metalworks You might be forgiven for thinking I was starting in Switzerland but no, Neuhaus are based in Marin County, California, where they hand make steel hard tails in small batches, in 13 (thirteen!) different sizes which, unlike many other brands, really are different sizes. Reach, stack, chainstay length and of course seat...

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  • Internet Rummagings – Bacon Cheeseburger Edition
  • jeffl
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    Those Neuhaus frames look lovely 🤤

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    That hummingbird. 👌

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    That paint, a thing of loveliness.

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