Waiting For The Mag?

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Waiting for your mag? Let us help you with that.

We know you love your Singletrack World Magazine, and once it gets to the start of the month you start wondering where it is. Every morning is like Christmas, and you scamper down the stairs only to find an empty doormat. After a couple of days of this, you think we’ve forgotten about you, or that the big central postbox in the sky has eaten it. ‘Where is my magazine?!’ you ask our Zoe. To avoid an early clamour of such cries into Zoe’s inbox, please note the following:

  • Print editions of Issue 143 will go into the post on 6th June – slightly later than usual thanks to the Bank Holiday. Then you’ll have to wait for the postal service to get it to you…
  • Post in the UK can take a couple of days, or a couple of weeks. We know that’s frustrating. If your magazine hasn’t landed by 21st June, we’ll give up and assume it’s lost, so drop us an email and we’ll send you a replacement copy.
  • If we’re posting the printed mag to you outside of the UK, we expect it to take around 4 weeks to arrive.
  • Digital editions will be available from 9th June. Perfect for those who just can’t wait!
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What could you be reading?

Singletrack World Magazine focuses on the stories rather than the product, so you get a great mix of adventures, opinions, culture and interviews that will stand the test of time. We want you to be able to look back at an article from ten years ago and still make you feel like you want to get out there and ride, or have you chuckling along in recognition of the misfortunes that can befall us.

There are product and bike reviews, but we try to keep these informative and entertaining – you might not want to buy an XC race bike, but you can probably still be interested in understanding the technology, or what it is about them that appeals to others.

And remember, it’s not all about the magazine – being a Singletrack Member also gives you access to all the reviews and paywalled features on our site, plus a range of discounts in our shop and with retailers, ad free browsing, our eternal love… do you need more reasons?

Here are a few hand picked articles from the archives that we think you might like to read…

There’s a lot of talk about when Rachel Atherton will be back on the race track. Read this interview about how she’s balancing life as a new mum with the urge to train and race again.

Heading to the Lake District (along with half the country)? Here’s a Classic Ride for all weathers.

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Sitting in a tent looking enviously at the #Vanlifers? Maybe it’s not all so rosy.

Fancy a mental reset and a gentler sort of adventure? Let Amanda take you there.

Not a Member? Let’s fix that.

If you’re not already a Singletrack Member, then you’ve missed the cut off date to get full access to Issue 143, which includes:

  • Print edition (Print+ Memberships only)
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Joining today will see you get your first full issue, including all the above versions, in August. But never fear, joining today will still give you access to loads of great stories, including the articles linked above, plus issue 143 and all the back issues* in the the following formats:

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*Please note that not all back issues are available in all formats.

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  • Waiting For The Mag?
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