Review: Santa Cruz Bronson

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Maybe the Santa Cruz Bronson does need an introduction. The latest Bronson is a massively different beast to the Bronson Mk1.

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  • Review: Santa Cruz Bronson
  • Rivett
    Full Member

    Interesting review and look at the evolution of the Bronson line. Imagine if Sam Dale had been racing on a fast descending 150mm bike at the EWS last week!

    Full Member

    Have one , love it. But agree that the things the front wheel can cross over are not the same as what the rear wheel can do, its an amazing bike, and honestly much more capable than the weird rider that sits on it.

    Full Member

    £9000 for a bike with Fox 36s bwahahaha

    And weighing in at over 14kg.

    Makes my fuel ex 9.8 seem a positive bargain

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