Last Chance To Catch Mountain Adventures On Tour!

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There are just a few dates left in the Kendal Mountain Tour, so if you want a night out watching great films about a whole range of adventures, act now! You last chances are:

  • Brighton: Thursday 23rd June
  • Kings Lynn: 24th June
  • Kendal: Wednesday 29th June

It’s not just films – each event also has a guest speaker for the evening:

Brighton: Paddleboard World Record Holder

An inspirational holder of five paddle boarding world records is visiting Brighton to talk about his exploits.

Brendon Prince, who last year circumnavigated the entire coastline of mainland Britain on his paddleboard, is speaking as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour and will share the joys and moments of despair that made up his gruelling challenge.

The Devon-based former teacher set off on his journey last April and, 141 days and almost 4,000km later, returned in triumph in September to Torquay harbour, having gained the world record for the longest journey by stand-up paddleboard. On the way the 48-year-old part time beach lifeguard experienced the lows of losing a paddle in a storm, to the highs of being surrounded by hundreds of dolphins.

Prince set out on his challenge to raise awareness for water safety, men’s health and the marine environment. “Ours is an amazing island, so stunning” he says. “However there were moments that people don’t see. Putting on wet gear at 5am, it’s pouring with rain and you think; I’ve just got to do this all day.”

Kings Lynn: Cave Rescuer

Jason Mallinson was part of a team of specialist divers assembled to attempt the rescue who were trapped 2.5 miles inside the caves in 2018.

Thai cave rescuer Jason Mallinson comes to Guildhall, Kings Lynn as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival 2020 Tour

In 2018, Jason Mallinson helped rescue a group of boys from a flooded cave in Thailand. The football team’s plight and the daring three-day operation to rescue them gripped the world’s attention for more than two weeks. As a member of the British Cave Rescue Council, Jason was part of a team of specialist divers assembled to attempt the rescue who were trapped 4km (2.5 miles) inside the caves in June 2018.

Kendal: Climber and jungle explorer

Anna Taylor, who last year also completed a human powered link-up of all 83 of the UK’s ‘Classic Rock’ routes, is speaking as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour and will share the joys and moments of despair that make up these gruelling challenges.

The 24-year-old Lake District-based climber was part of a major expedition in 2019 led by fellow Cumbrian, Leo Houlding, where they made the first free-climbing ascent of the 600m main prow of Mount Roraima. The 2,810m high tepui sits between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana and is the location that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel ‘The Lost World’ and the Pixar animated movie ‘Up’. The team completed a 53km jungle trek to get to the base, while avoiding the more dangerous local wildlife such as snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. Once on the wall, the climbers lived on portaledges hanging hundreds of metres above the jungle, while the tropical climate presented regular deluges of heavy rain.

Closer to home, last year Taylor became the first person to complete a self-powered round of every route that features in Classic Rock, the iconic book written by Ken Wilson. Carrying all her kit, Taylor cycled 2,400km and climbed over 10,000m during a journey that lasted 62 days and saw her climb most of the 83 routes solo, without ropes.

Get your tickets here.

Can’t make any of the events? Check out the online Kendal Mountain Player, with loads of adventure films on demand, to view from the comfort of your sofa.

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  • Last Chance To Catch Mountain Adventures On Tour!
  • Premier Icon Charlie Hobbs
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    Now. I do like a bit of paddle boarding. They are great for getting in to big surf and remote inaccessible surf spot. On flat water its a nice chilled out thing… but 4000k… jeez… that is impressive.

    I once knew a guy who canoed round the UK, he got arrested in the Scotland… up around the Hebrides. He was arrested as a spy… he had no idea we had gone to war with Germany a couple of weeks earlier. He was still surfing, on small days, at 84 years old.

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