Have An Adventurous Night Out in Nottingham!

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Make Wednesday 15th June more than a hump day – make it a full on mountain day, with Kendal Mountain Tour’s evening of adventure films.

Meet the intrepid woman who ran 5000 miles around the coast of Britain, with 200 strangers putting her up for the night along the way

When Elise Downing found herself hating her job, relationship, and flat share, she could only see one way out: ditching it all..

Running away from your problems doesn’t solve anything – but sometimes it’s more fun than dealing with them. 

Elise was spending a lot of time crying on buses. She had just graduated from university; she had a shiny new flat, her first proper job and a budding relationship – and they were all making her utterly miserable. Sitting at work one day, she hit upon the obvious solution: run 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain, carrying her kit on her back.

Six months later Elise set off, with absolutely no ultra-running experience, unable to read a map and having never pitched a tent alone before. Over the 301 days that followed she developed a debilitating fear of farmyard animals, cried on a lot of beaches and saw Britain at its most wild and wonderful.

Elise Downing, will be visiting Nottingham to talk about her epic run. Speaking as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour, she will share with humour and heart the thrill taking risks and putting your trust in total strangers, and learning some home truths along the way.

Elise Downing will be speaking at Broadway on 15th June. The event, part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour, also features a collection of the world’s best short adventure films for audiences to watch on the big screen. Steve Scott, director of Kendal Mountain Festival, presents the Tour events and says, “‘Kendal’ is all about adventure; stories of extreme human endurance, breathtaking environments and adrenaline-fuelled excitement. Our Tour events are mini-Festivals that distil this spirit of adventure and exploration into one unique evening.”

Tickets are available via https://www.broadway.org.uk/whats-on/kendal-mountain-tour-2022

Can’t make this date? Here’s the rest of the Tour:

  • Exeter: Thursday 16th June
  • Llanelli: Friday 17th June
  • Canterbury: Wednesday 22nd June
  • Brighton: Thursday 23rd June
  • Kings Lynn: 24th June
  • Kendal: Wednesday 29th June
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  • Have An Adventurous Night Out in Nottingham!
  • Premier Icon wheelsonfire1
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    An adventurous night out in Nottingham would involve an early start and no idea what time the trains run that you need to get home?

    Premier Icon Steve
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    Radford after 11.30pm….

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