Fresh Goods Friday 604: The Great Power & Responsibility Edition

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We trust you’ve had a most splendid week. If you haven’t, we’re sorry about that. There’s always next week. This too shall pass. Anyway. Here’s this week’s Fresh Goods for everyone to enjoy…

RIP Ms Cruise

Cane Creek Helm MKII

We’ve got this black beauty in for our 130-140mm fork test. Yep, Helms come factory set to 160mm but they are also intended to be shortened easily. This one is now set to 140mm travel.

The MKII version gets things designed to reduce friction and thus improve fork sensitivity. Reduced air spring, SKF seals, lighter compression tune, lighter damper oil, new seal head and so forth.

Showers Pass Timberline Waterproof Jacket and Pants

Not yet available to the world, these are test items that have just landed in the UK, so we’re yet to hear what pricing will be. We first saw these out at Sea Otter, and what caught our eye is that the fibres they’re made of are plant based, rather than oil based, which should make them a more environmentally friendly prospect variety of waterproof. The cut is designed to be a little more casual than their specialist cycling gear, so you can wear it for walking or just heading to the shops too.

Showers Pass Elite Waterproof Cap

A waterproof cycling cap designed to keep the rain out but still let your sweaty head breathe as you dance on the pedals up the next climb, conquering stuff and finding your inner soul. Maybe.

Bamboo Cutlery and Food Flask Bundle

Charlie says… Have you ever tried mountain biking without food? Yeah sure, it’s OK for a while, but within a couple of hours you get tired, hangry, grumpy, and start taking bad lines. You spent more on your bike than your grandmother spent on her first home, but you won’t invest a few quid in fuelling your sweet ride? Let’s prevent this tragedy in your riding life with the amazing Klean Kanteen food flask that keeps food hot or cold for many hours, and some rather cool bamboo cutlery. All bundled together at an extra special price.

These multiuse bamboo utensils are very nice, but there is one major design issue. If you are a panda bear – they are single use. Pandas will eat their noodles off the chopsticks, and then carry on and eat to chopsticks. Please consider this before purchasing if you are a panda bear.

Defender Shock Contact Alarm

Has both a contact sensor and a vibration sensor to protect against theft. The 130dBs siren is triggered by the vibration sensor if the door is being forced, and by the contact sensor if the door is opened by someone who does not possess the entry code. 30-second exit delay and a 5-second entry delay to enable the user to arm or disarm the unit via its keypad. The vibration sensor can be deactivated if only the contact sensor is required.

Gore Wear Fernflow Shorts

Lightish weight shorts with some splashy protection. Cordura fabric with DWR treatment and taped seams. Adjustable waistband with silicone grips and velcro tabs. Quick-drying. Four-way stretch. Slightly longer front hem. Inseam length: 34cm.

Selle Italia Model X Leaf Saddle

Sustainable, recyclable saddle with mechanical assembly and free from pollutants. The entire saddle production process, patented by the Italian company, involves companies that are all within a 15-kilometre radius of its headquarters, thus helping to further reduce CO2 emissions. Size: 145mm x 245mm.

Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Helmet

A fully downhill certified full-face, yet with a removable chin bar, this helmet is convertible into a regular trail riding hat. It offers two kinds of retention systems; trail mode and full-face mode for downhill (the redundant trail strapping is stash-able when in DH mode). Fully ventilated with large intake and exit ports.

SKS Track Pumps

  • Price: SKS Air-X-Plorer 10 £51.99, SKS Airmotion 12.0 £42.99
  • From: SKS Germany

Despite some decent competition these days, we still probably put SKS at the top of our inflation brands. Particularly when it comes to big ‘uns.

The SKS Airmotion 12.0 has a pressure gauge at the top. The SKS Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 has a low-mounted digital pressure gauge that measures to two decimal points. Both pumps are equipped with the improved “MV Easy” Multi Valve head.

Zine Trail Mounts

Stick on mounts for attaching a bike computer to your top tube. Different fittings are available for Polar, Garmin and Wahoo computers. Handy if you’d rather have your computer tucked away and off your bars, perhaps.

Specialized Women’s Long Trail Sleeve Jersey

A technical jersey that feels soft not slinky, with UPF50 properties for when the sun comes out.

Specialized Trail Short Sleeve Jersey

Uncomfortable hisnhers matchy matchy outfit selfie, anyone? The trail T-shirts are made with a new ‘MiniR fabric’ that should reflect the sun to help keep you cool and stop you burning. Panel details in the shoulders provide extra ventilation, and they’ve got a soft natural fabric feel to them.

Specialized Butter Range

  • Price: Specialized Butter Gravity Pant £120.00, Specialized Butter Trail Jersey LS £55.00
  • From: Specialized

Lurpak attack! Whether you’re a fan of the pale yellow colour, there’s little denying that these are some very well designed and put together pieces for modern ATBing.

Pants: Laser perforated venting, patches with high abrasion-resistance bonded to the knee area, waist adjustment tab, tapered legs.

Jersey: New MiniR fabric reflects sun to help keep you cool, “plenty tough for the rigors and abuse” of riding, Deflect UV 50+, crew neck collar, fit is “generous and comfortable”.

Specialized Prey Trail Pant

In terms of fit, you’ll find that these pants are baggy for the most part (pad friendly etc) but very “form-fitting” at the calf and ankle end. Three zippered pockets. Laser-perforated venting. Buckle waist adjustments.

Specialized Soft Air Tall Socks

Available in three colours, these are thin and summer friendly socks, designed to transfer moisture away from your feet, and with added ventilation in the toes (but not the sort of ventilation that has your big toe sticking out).

Thread Of The Week

Congratulations to the venerable and esteemed duncancallum for this classic piece of nostalgia-tastic naval gazery…


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  • Fresh Goods Friday 604: The Great Power & Responsibility Edition
  • pmurden
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    Ah FGF now read, my Friday is now complete. have a great weekend ST

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    I think Benji is looking more and more like Abraham Lincoln every time he appears on the site

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    The Who tribute is really something. I am now in the mood for a proper weekend.

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    Whoop! Check me out

    Liking the look of that saddle

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    130 quid for a pair of shorts? You’re having a Steffi, aren’t you?

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    @ThruntonThrasher – I was thinking more “Steptoe and Son”

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    I think Benji is looking more and more like Abraham Lincoln every time he appears on the site

    “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

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    That alarm looks properly shit tbf. At least it’s cheap. But if you want to add a cheap alarm to a shed or garage, try one of the wireless ones with a remote sender- so you can have a stealthy alarm in the shed that doesn’t alert the thief and isn’t instantly smashed or silenced or just ignored because nobody pays any attention to these things, and a sounder in the house so you know about the alarm and the thief doesn’t, rather than it being the other way round.

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    Have MTB clothing manufacturers forgotten that some of us get a bit warm when we’re pedalling so appreciate little things like a quarter zip (or more) that can be undone to let the heat out, then done up again when we cool down. Maybe it’s cos the cool kidz don’t pedal uphill these days… Mumble grumble…

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    Ah FGF now read, my Friday is now complete. have a great weekend ST

    FGF, the physical magazine, and a warm sunny weekend ahead. Where’s the catch? 🤨

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    RIP Julie C


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