Digging For Answers (and finding all the feels)

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Need to feel better about life? Watch this video and enjoy the overwhelming emotion of ‘Ah yes, bikes are great’.

There is an art to building a bike trail on the rugged terrain of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It takes a lot of hard work from a dedicated, creative trail crew to dig and shape lines down the mountain in a unique way.

Joe Stone, Director of Mission at Teton Adaptive, and Ranyon D’arge, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Mountain Design Manager, teamed up to rethink what’s possible with JHMR’s newest trail, Deepest Darkest. Inspired by a conversation and their mutual connection to Pierre Bergman, a JHMR employee whose life was forever changed due to a biking injury, they created a universal trail design that not only brings flow, speed, and excitement to adaptive and non-adaptive riders alike but also strengthens the bond within the biking community.

That trail looks like loads of fun – you could cruise down it with your kids, or jump your way down it with more advanced riders. What an opportunity for people of all abilities to ride together and have fun.

You’ll likely spot that many of the bikes featured here are Bowhead trikes – it’s interesting to see that they can be tipped over relatively easily and it’s not just like getting on a go-cart at the race track. We’ve featured Bowhead bikes a few times before, so go down the rabbit hole here if you want to learn more about what they can do, and how they do it.

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  • Digging For Answers (and finding all the feels)
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    What are “feels”?

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