Watch Films to Support Ukraine!

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The folks behind the Kendal Mountain Festival have pulled together a great selection of Ukraine based adventure films that you can watch on their Kendal Mountain Player.

The films all centre on the mountains in Ukraine, with subjects spanning biking, hiking, climbing, environment and even luge. All recent, and mainly short in length, the films are of amazing quality and unlikely to have been seen by most viewers.

100% of the money donated will go to British-Ukrainian Aid which supports people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis, by aligning UK and Ukrainian efforts.

Kendal Mountain will match donate up to £1000 to show its support for Ukraine.

The collection will be available on the Kendal Mountain Player, from 27 May to the end of June.

Donate here and then you will be emailed the link to watch the collection.

Andrii Lutsyk took on a hiking trip that explored the highest mountain range in Ukraine, totally alone. He documents his time of solitude in the Carpathian Mountains.

When luge sports were just getting started in Switzerland, Ukraine already had its own a luge track in the city of Kremenets, Volyn. Nowadays, it is the only place in the country where lugers can train. Athletes fondly refer to Kremenets as the cradle of luge sports in Ukraine.

The vast territory of Ukraine features some of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Two friends turn their passion for mountain biking into their lifestyle as they explore Ukraine from the perspective of the two-wheeled world.

Danyil Boldyrev, the former world record holder in speed climbing from Donetsk, Ukraine, faces the fact that he has to change his abilities and climbing techniques to participate in the 2020 Olympics.

For 30 years, scientists Vitalii Hryshchenko and Yevheniia Yablonovska-Hryshchenko have been studying the reserve’s ecosystem. It is home to dozens of rare species of birds and animals and is one of the oldest nature reserves in Ukraine.

Follow Gaëlle and her bike crossing the Carpathians from the north to the south, home to brown bears, wolves, rough roads and rain – lots of rain!

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