MIcroshift Super Short

Microshift Super Short cage mechs: for small wheels… or big rocks

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Microshift Super Short has launched: two new short cage groupsets, built with kids in mind, but with potential application for adults too.

The Acolyte Super Short and Advent Super Short are designed to allow wide range shifting on a 20 inch wheel. Thanks to the laws of physics, on a smaller wheeled bike these 8 and 9 speed cassettes feel like you’re getting the dinner plate sprocket assistance of a wide range cassette like on a 12 speed.

Acolyte Super Short

  • 1×8 Drivetrain
  • 11-38 Cassette

Advent Super Short

  • 1×9 Drivetrain
  • 11-38 Cassette

The shifters have also been designed specially for children, with a easy action and short lever throw that’s suitable for small hands.

However, in a cunning extra twist, the Advent Short Cage items are compatible with the standard Advent items – and likewise the Acolyte. So, if you were sick and tired of ripping your long derailleur off on Lake District rocky descents, you could put a standard Advent shifter up front with an Advent Short Cage at the rear.

Of course, on your big wheels those laws of physics are going to kick in and it won’t feel like a wide range cassette any more, so it’s probably only an option of interest to downhill riders.

Or perhaps a new breed of trail rider that runs really small front chainrings and doesn’t need/use the full range of modern 11/12-speed drivetrains.

Or just fans of 9-speed chains.

Or just because short cage rear mechs have always looked super cool.

UK pricing is to be confirmed, but shifters or cassettes in both models are around the $30 mark, with the Acolyte being a little cheaper.

Grown ups may have noticed Microshift on bikes as OEM spec recently, and we understand they’ll be coming to kids’ bikes in the UK soon, however Microshift wasn’t yet able to say which brands had signed up to speccing the new MIcroshift Super Short line.

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  • Microshift Super Short cage mechs: for small wheels… or big rocks
  • Vincent Gregory
    Full Member

    Are the cassettes steel? – Might be an suitable (longer lasting) option for eeebs?

    Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    @Vincent_Gregory Yup, steel. Good idea!

    Full Member

    Ooooh an 11-38t cassette?

    That might be just the ticket for the youngest she needs a lower ratio than her current 32t, I reckon the SRAM mech on her bike will work with that, no need for a new mech/shifter.

    Van Halen
    Full Member

    I`ve just gone to teh 10sp adventx on my eeb. its been an excellent bit of kit so far. the clutch is a bit wierd but we will see how long it lasts.

    Full Member

    that cage pivot placement is very 1980’s campag.

    if the mech shimano 10 speed compatible (and therefore 11 spd too) that would serve well for folk like me who still run 10 speed 11-36!

    Full Member

    Really good to see more Microshift. The Advent X on my Scandal is genuinely good and not just for the money.

    Full Member

    So, anybody think that this will fit and work with a 16″ wheel?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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