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It’s peak riding time! Whoop! Bluebells, wild garlic, birds in the trees, goslings on the canal towpath. There’s even been a hint of dust in the air. Is there a better month than May? Well, possibly, June – because that’s when the next issue of Singletrack World Magazine is published! Have a taste of what’s to come, then get yourself signed up by the 25th May deadline to make sure you’ve got your name on the list.

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First up, the cover reveal. This issue’s cover is a celebration of dust, summer heat and the golden glow of summer by Tony Hutcheson. Can’t you just feel the heat coming off the forest floor, and the tickle of the dust in your throat? This looks like one of those perfect summer moments, and we hope you have many of them ahead of you out on the trail.

Editorial: Local Secret

Chipps wants to show you all of his favourite trails. Well, nearly all. 

International Adventure: A New Year’s Assault on Ventoux

When your traditional New Year’s ski-tour to a mountain hut won’t work because of the weather, then doing it on mountain bikes is arguably a better choice. 

Classic Ride: Scar House Loop

A truly Classic day out with big views, plenty of miles, and legendary Scotch eggs.

Pete’s Myths: Ghost Riders

Has Taunton’s bloody history left a chill in the air, or is it just the sweat cooling on Pete’s neck?

International Adventure: Where The Wind Blows

An eager Hannah heads to one of her dream destinations, only to discover it’s not like she imagined at all.

Interview: Guy Kesteven

If he can tell how a bike will ride just by pushing it, why does he keep riding and testing?

Stop putting bigger rotors on bikes. Or put the bigger rotor on the back. Brakes are too powerful at the front now.

– Guy Kesteven

Singletrack Kitchen

Charlie serves up some New Wave Hipster Starters, that are a bargain to make but would cost £18 a plate in London.

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Bike Test: Party At The Back

Have we swallowed the marketing hook, line and sinker, or is there something to the mullet trend?

Column: Shiny Happy People

Alf Alderson was enticed to South Carmarthenshire by a local tourist board promotion. Did the riding live up to the hype?

Kit Essentials: Hip Hip Hooray

Benji tests out some modern hip packs that can cater for all but the furthest adventuring of riders.

International Adventure: Lasting Legacies

Hans Rey learns from new hotshots and old legends to work out his place in mountain biking’s legacy.

Column: Things That Are Important On A Bike, In Order

Benji is here to persuade you not to spend lots of money, except where you should.

MTB Culture: Lost In Time

A few rolls of lost camera film bring back memories of older times.

Last Word: Clothing Optional

Should Hannah be allowed to make equipment choices, or is the outcome inevitable?

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