Things The Bike Industry Will Try To Sell Us This Year

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Call us cynical, or call us highly informed industry insiders with our fingers on the pulse. But we think the marketing departments of the bike industry are going to find new ways to sell old things. As component shortages continue, companies will seize the opportunity to clear out some unsold stock. Let us help you be alert to what hot new trends you should be raising a sceptical eyebrow to. Access All Areas Rebel armyYou thought fat bikes had lost their shine? As access campaigns step up and push back against archaic restrictions on where you can ride a bike,...

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  • Things The Bike Industry Will Try To Sell Us This Year
  • oldfart
    Full Member

    Is it still April 1st 1998 ? 😬

    Full Member

    You’re missing 8 speed and square taper…

    Funnily enough, I think Ive got all of those things across my 4 bikes… Some with more than others! And they all have “tyre inserts”…

    Full Member

    Is this April fool a day late?

    Full Member

    Giant disc brakes, using the rims of the wheels as the braking surface, cables to operate. Easy to service, easy to maintain whilst bike packing and adventuring, no nasty fluid exchange issues, universal pad sizes too. Mega discs? Available in all wheel sizes too…

    Full Member

    £400 dungarees?

    Full Member

    Sunglasses that aren’t Moto-visor huge or luminous colours…

    Tom Howard
    Full Member

    27.5” wheel bikes, after a 3 year sabbatical.

    Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    Not an April Fool, more a case of April Fools got us thinking about what surplus stock the marketing depts might try and fool us into buying!

    Full Member

    Suspension forks for gravel bikes

    David Sheldon
    Full Member

    Sending thousands designing valves that do not clog with sealant when Schrader Valves have been around since the start?

    Full Member

    2x drivetrain

    Free Member

    Rim brake bikes
    Those hideous cable disc brake bikes

    At “bargain prices”

    Full Member


    Free Member

    I’ll be happy to see an affordable XT drivetrain in stock anywhere. That’d be nice.

    Full Member

    you’ve been to Halfords haven’t you? this looks like their Apollo range

    Free Member

    I’m looking forward to some emtb products. Maybe a motorised seatpost that can lift you back into place, it’s way too much effort having to stand up before raising the seatpost. Also an ebike girdle to prevent embarrassing spill over / middle age muffin topping.

    Free Member

    Did they sell you a load of spare capital letters to use up in your headline.

    Please stop using title case. It’s wrong.

    Full Member

    Industry Insiders are suggesting a new wheel size of 26″, 29 aint dead yet.

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