Lightfall – A Journey in Photography with Sterling Lorence

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What does it take to get a great photo? Pete Scullion gave us some insight in Singletrack Magazine Issue 141. He talks of things being easier with some riders other than others, and preparation, but Sterling Lorence is taking patience to an extreme degree in this video.

Sterl has only had one Singletrack cover, and the shot features in the video. It’s a classic moody foggy woodsy Sterling Lorence shot.

The shot he’s going for in this video is in similar conditions. Next time you’re flicking through Instagram, take a moment to appreciate the effort that may well have gone into giving the appearance of a snatched moment in time. Building. Mock ups. Tree climbing, hidden lights. Lots of standing around in the rain, probably being eaten by bugs. Sounds like a great life, huh? Still, better than school portraits…

Lightfall shares the story of legendary MTB photographer Sterling Lorence and his process to get the perfect shot in the dank and misty mountains of Vancouver’s legendary North Shore, with riders Jackson Goldstone and Brett Rheeder.

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