100% Brisker Hydromatic Gloves review: Proper winter gloves on a budget?

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The 100% Brisker Hydromatic promises keen pricing, warmth, and good bar feel, plus added waterproofing, but does it deliver?

  • Brand: 100%
  • Product: Brisker Hydromatic Gloves
  • From: 100percent.com
  • Price: £36.99
  • Tested by: Anthony for 4 months

Three things I liked

  • Cheerful and cheap
  • Good bar feel
  • Quick drying

Three things I’d change

  • Not quite enough for full-on winter conditions
  • ‘Get what you pay for’ materials
  • Erm

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Review Info

Brand: 100%
Product: Brisker Hydromatic Gloves
From: 100percent.com
Price: £36.99
Tested: by Anthony for 4 months

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  • 100% Brisker Hydromatic Gloves review: Proper winter gloves on a budget?
  • stingmered
    Full Member

    Good review, thanks. Though washing merino and anything else together… are you insane? ;-) In fact even washing it all? Mine gets its annual wash right about now. 20deg, hand wash cycle, drip dry: done for another 12 months.

    Full Member

    I like mine but actually rarely wear them as it’s not often cold enough to beat the heat from exertion.

    Very careful with them though as my non-hydromatic ones fell to bits in a few rides.

    Free Member

    I have some of these – worst gloves I own by a decent margin. In my experience they wet out extremely quickly in any sort of actual rain and rapidly become a heavy sponge (minutes) due to the amount of material in them. The cuffs are too short and not well elasticated so they allow cold and / or water in – I constantly want to try and drag the cuffs of my jacket down to cover them. Finally – if you do actually get wet hands (and you will) then take them off, you can forget putting them back on. Avoid IMO. They have been relegated to my emergecy ‘oh shit I have nothing left’ glove (raynaud’s sufferer, lots of glove experience).

    Full Member

    Very careful with them though as my non-hydromatic ones fell to bits in a few rides.

    I am on my second set in about 5 years, the first set are still useful for summer weather. Last a couple of years with constant use. I find the hydromatic ones too hot unless it is painfully cold.

    Free Member

    Mine have been decent, still use them as a winter glove. The lining became detached from the fingers though which I absolutely loathe though. They were a pain to get on when cold & wet at the best of times, now impossible..

    Full Member

    100% Briskers are by far and away the best gloves I have used over the years (and I wear gloves out PDQ). Use the standard Briskers for spring-autumn and hydro briskers for winter. The fit well, last well, and have great feel. Can also be had for £20 if you shop around or don’t mind florescent colours! A winning combination in my book.

    Full Member

    Couldn’t understand mine, bought the largest ones available for layering underneath but still quite tight. On maybe the first cold day of the year last year went out in them and ended up with painfully cold hands, almost felt better without the gloves on, baffling. My only theory was that maybe they weren’t very breathable which meant my hands ended up damp from sweat and then got chilled. Hasn’t happened with ancient waterproof Alturas though or more recent waterproof Galibers

    Full Member

    I’m getting on well with them, I’ve obviously not been out in cold enough weather or wet enough weather as they seem to work for me – they do get wet, but I don’t find they get heavy or cold with it. The palm/hand area does feel a bit tighter than other gloves I’ve got – I think after 3 hours in the saddle, it helps cause a bit of pins and needles in the hands.

    Hands stay warm – actually hands get very warm as I can sweat quite easily in them. Once hands are damp, it does make removing the gloves a bit harder, but it just means a slightly tighter grip on the finger ends to pull them off. Putting them back on with damp hands is also just as much effort…needs a harder pull on the cuff (which as of yesterday is now showing signs of stitching coming undone – no doubt due to the harder pulling).

    I think they cost me £25 and I’d happily buy them again.

    Full Member

    I love my standard Brisker gloves, the pair I am using I have worn through late Autumn into early Spring for the last 3 seasons, mountain biking and ski touring. No significant signs of wear, stitching holding up. Lasted longer than any other make of glove. Fantastic value for money.

    Free Member

    Proper winter gloves on a budget?

    £37 isn’t budget though is it. Aldi gloves are budget and good and £5

    Full Member

    See also winter gloves from decathlon, planet X….

    £37 for gloves s not “on a budget”, it’s distinctly mid range at best….

    Free Member

    It’s these kind of stupid articles in STW that stop me from signing up

    Clearly a narrative pushed by the company supplying the product and no objective review from STW

    STW tell me why these expensive gloves are better than budget £4.99 Aldi gloves and I might well look at them. However it’s always the same, never review truly budget bits of kit and just push a mid to high range option as budget

    Free Member

    Do you wear your £5 Aldi gloves while riding a carbon Santa Cruz, or are you rocking a 20 year old entry-level GT on the trails? I understand the need to do things on a budget, but IME my enjoyment of riding is improved way more £ for £ with clothing than bike bits.

    My Brisker gloves are fantastic – I love the normal ones for Spring / Autumn and the hydromatic ones (NB: despite the similar name they’re a totally different glove) for when it gets a bit colder. It’s true that the Hydromatic ones aren’t the absolute warmest gloves I own, but they’re MUCH thinner in the palms than my Fox winter gloves so I will wear them in all but the absolute worst weather. Both Hydromatic and non- pairs have held up really well for me including loads of MTB and regular commuting (I wear one or other pair daily from ~Sept through April). I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough – especially for people like me who can’t stand thick palms affecting grip on the bars.

    And no, I wasn’t paid for my glowing review. But if 100% are reading this, I am not morally against being given free kit to review :D

    Free Member

    On my second winter with a pair of these now. Yes, they’re not the toughest and are looking pretty tatty now, but keep my hands relatively warm and dry, whilst not hindering riding performance, succeeding where quite a few others have failed!! I’ll be buying another pair for next Winter, for the money I think they do exactly what I need them to do!

    Free Member

    You could almost get three of the below for the price of those briskers

    Zenith 4 Seasons DWR Gloves – Dark Olive

    Full Member

    I liked my briskers so much I bought the company- not really!

    I do like them enough to sew the first pair up repeatedly and got a second pair for a birthday present.

    Full Member

    One significant advantage of almost any “branded” glove over the Lidl and Aldi budget option is that they are available whenever you want to buy them. Unless Aldi supply STW with a pair of gloves ahead of the one-week window they are available in no reader will benefit. The other option is STW buy them, review them and then next year you have to hope you can get a pair if they happened to be any good and havent changed.

    FWIW I have some hydromatics and I’d say they were snug fitting personally.

    Full Member

    £5 for a pair of Aldi gloves? I can get a box of 1000 surgical latex ones for that much. Jeez.

    In all seriousness though, £5 is awfully cheap for something as complex and fiddly to make as a pair of gloves. If you can walk down the centre aisle of Aldi or Lidl without feeling a slight twinge of concern over the ethical and environmental impacts of the stuff that’s sold there, congratulations – you’re much better adapted to late capitalism than me.

    Full Member

    I like mine, they have good feel through the palms, however, they’re not actually that warm, smart phones can’t be used with them, and as with most 100% gear I’ve used, the time before the product falls apart is great, it’s just a very short timeframe.

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