Progression: A Movie To Inspire You

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Put a smile on your face and some determination in your step. Will this movie make you want to improve your skills, or your local facilities?

This movie charts the progression from being inspired to ride right through to riding technical mountain bike trails. In doing so, it demonstrates the importance of access to opportunities to ride and progress. It has been produced for Pendle Panthers BMX Club in association with Pendle Borough Council. Pendle Panthers is an exceptionally active local club which offers a whole range of activities to let young riders try out riding bikes, both for fun and for competition. The video shows some of the great facilities available in the area, and demonstrates how a selection of trails and bike facilities for all abilities and ages allows people to get into the sport and stick with it, trying out various different styles of riding as they learn and find what they enjoy.

The story of one riders journey from balance bike to full on shredding mountain bike trails…. made in association with Pendle Borough Council by S & A Photography for Pendle Panthers BMX Club.

Pendle Panthers doesn’t currently have a full sized BMX track in the area, and we know they’re hoping to get one. Hopefully the Council’s participation in this video might be a sign that it recognises the contribution the club is making and might signal to potential funders that a track would be welcome? Check out the film, maybe pay them a visit, spend a bit of money in the local shops, and let people see that bike facilities can be great for communities.

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Coach and co-founder Manny Bashah is also part of the MTB Colour Collective. You can read a bit more about him, Pendle Panthers, and the MTB Colour Collective here:

You might well want to encourage your local council to build a pump track. Here’s our guide to arguing the case for them, and making sure it gets done right.

Getting into bikes doesn’t need to be expensive. Here’s our guide to making good second hand choices.

Just in case you were thinking you were to old to progress, think again, and be inspired by this video.

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