Pipedream Sirius S5

Pipedream Sirius S5 review

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The Pipedream Sirius is no match for carbon in terms of power transfer or weight, but the angles on it make it a pleasure to pedal.

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  • Pipedream Sirius S5 review
  • chartersr100
    Full Member

    “making it ideal for the rider who’s been around long enough to have a shed full of bits needing a new home?”

    This is exactly what I did with my S5 – sold my 2017 Whyte T130 frame and whacked everything onto the Sirius, making it singlespeed. Absolutely perfect for messing around in local woods and riding up and around the Ridgeway in West Berkshire.

    Free Member

    I have the same potential idea – If I can’t get much for it as a full bike then I may just sell my Giant Anthem 27.5 as frame and shock only and put the 130mm fork, DT Swiss wheels and XT groupset onto a Sirius frame.

    Full Member

    I’m wanting.
    In deep sparkly blue.

    Full Member

    Hannah, I think you must have had a duff bleed or knackered pads in those Maguras. I’ve got the trails on my fs, 180mm rotors front and back, 85kg and they’re ridiculously powerful.

    Full Member

    On some Maguras one has to do a few emergency stops to get enough heat in the pads to chemically change them. If you don’t do that they stay soft don’t bite and wear out.
    Oh and the frames all have the same head tube length. B-

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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