Fresh Goods Friday 583 – The BYOB edition

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We believe implicitly that it’s Friday and the goods are fresh, though it could be Saturday by the time you are reading this, and perhaps you have seen the goods before, or even bought your own. All we ask is that you complete your investigations, reading all the way to the end, before heading to the comments section. We’re sorry if you don’t like what you find, but we believed you would like them, and that all items fall within the parameters of things you might like. The dog ate our homework, the lizard lords made us do it…

Garmin Tacx Neo 2T

This mood lamp from Garmin creates a disco-esque vibe whenever you wake it up. Blue means your phone/device is connected, and during a workout, it fades through varying shades of pink and purple. If, like most of us here at Singletrack, you would rather ride around the block for an hour than sit on a turbo trainer, you might be interested in some of the features this one has. ‘Road feel’ means the trainer responds to the terrain on your Zwift/Watopia/Whatever workout. Cobbled climbs can be awful outside, imagine how bad they are indoors!

But seriously, this is a very smart trainer. It connects instantly to your app, it is practically silent (depends on your drivetrain), the ERG mode is actually responsive enough to not make your intervals undershoot on power, and as yet we’ve struggled to complain about anything but the act of indoor training itself.

DexShell Waterproof Ultrathin Socks

  • Price: £22
  • From: Upgrade Bikes

Featuring biodegradable yarns, the DexShell Ultra Thin socks are waterproof socks for summer rain – or tight shoes. The inner layer is made with bamboo rayon and polyamide, then there’s the waterproof Porelle membrane, and then a mixed fabric outer.

It is hard to model socks in an interesting way. Hannah attempted to wear them as long dog ears. The modelling offers are rolling in.

Glen Scotia Whisky

  • Price: A gift
  • From: The gift that keep giving, Pete Scullion, or here.

No, the fact the Pete Scullion sends us whisky every year does not influence our choice of covers. But it does just add weight to our impression that he’s a thoroughly nice chap.

Tribord Sailing Salopettes Waterproof

You could buy ten pairs of these for £449.90. Maths.

I [Benji] have been using these for a couple of winters now. Truth be told they aren’t great but they do the job. I mainly use them for e-bike rides where I ride through an awful lot of filth and I don’t have to be exerting myself beyond this garment’s breathability capabilities.

The fabric and construction isn’t very sophisticated (satiny polyester and mesh fest inside the legs) but they are decently put together and surviving their second grim winter.

I did expect the lack of tapering leg to be an issue but in this day and age of single-ring drivetrains, there’s very little for trousers to catch on.

On a broader note, I am totally sold on the concept of dungarees for winter MTBIng. Loads better than bunchy, droopy waterproof trousers and loads more versatile and unrestrictive than a onesie.

Ridgecrest Waterproof Cycle Gilet

A niche garment but we like a niche
Hi-viz up high for vis

On the face of it, a waterproof gilet makes no sense. Unless you are a mountain biker from the UK, where showers and mild temperatures are the de-facto weather of ‘choice’.

Pair this with a long-sleeve softshell underneath for cooler temperatures, or with a lighter-weight, quick-drying long-sleeve for warmer times.

PU coated, soft handling polyester made to EN343 Grade 3 (which claims to be the highest level of breathability for a waterproof fabric). Kitted elastic, rather than the typical woven, for more stretch and suppleness.

Rather than a waterproof zip, Ridgecrest has deliberately gone with a regular easy-running nylon zip with a generous baffle/flap behind. The problem with waterproof zips is that they often require two hands to operate. They are also much stiffer than a regular zip and don’t conform/adapt to different body positions as well.

Of all the whizz-bang tekkers product that comes into STW HQ, this is one of the more genuinely interesting bits of kit we’ve had of late!

Focus Thron 6.9

Normal bike alert!

Hey look, it’s one of those ‘normal’ bikes that can often confuse people/journos. Where’s the carbon? Where’s the motor? Where’s the mullet? Where’s the fitted wardrobe? Where’s the insane price tag?

The Focus Thron 6.9 is a 130mm travel 29er made out of something called aluminium. It costs around three grand. It’s going in a future bike test for the magazine.

The most outlandish thing on the Thron is that CIS stem. In our experience, it does make for a quiet cable routing but it’s not something that we’d like to have on our own bikes really. Contrary to what some may say, you aren’t stuck with this stem design. You can put any normal stem on there… once you’ve got hold of a replacement headset top-cap form Acros (Focus UK can help you out) and you will have to re-string your gears, dropper and brakes. So not ideal but far from being CIS-compulsory.

Santa Cruz Bronson CC X01 AXS RSV

Contemporary AF

Ahah! So this is where all the new-fangled stuff that journos are spoiled with has been lurking. The new Bronson has almost everything we mentioned that the Focus Thron does not have. Carbon, mullet, massive price tag… no motor or fitted wardrobe, mind.

You can read everything you need to know about the new Bronson in our feature from a few weeks back.

Thread of The Week

This week’s thread of the week goes to @guandax for the Faff thread. Their contribution is minimal, but since they actually read one of our articles in order to start the thread, and linked to it, goodies go to Guandax. The rest of you, thank you for your top anti-faff tips, confessions of faffing, and teeth grinding tales of impatience.

Deuter Pulse 3 hip-pack

Pack on pebbles
Airy back padding

A hip-pack for our future bum-bag beanfight. Even the most enduro-a-go-go of us occasionally has to resort to carrying stuff on our person.

The Pulse 3 offers 5L of storage capacity. You can put a dinky bladder in there too as it’s got the ports/routing etc (Deuter offer the Streamer 1.5 designed exactly for that). Wide hip wings, zipped mesh pockets, big main compartment, key holder. Looks good.

Deuter Flyt 20 Bike Backpack

Hanging around for a Flyt
SAS-TEC back protector

A good ol’ backpack for proper mountain adventures. 20L capacity, bladder sleeve and port, removable back protector, compartments all over the show, light weight materials, helmet holder, Deuter’s Airstripes venting on the rear.

Just need to plan some proper mountain adventures now.

DT Swiss M 1900 Spline Wheelset

Weight saving is going well

A strikingly reasonable price tag for these nice looking wheels. Let’s see how they fair up to some Downcountry+ flavoured (ab)use over the next few months.

Something purple this way comes…

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 583 – The BYOB edition
  • bearGrease
    Full Member

    the fact the Pete Scullion sends us whisky every year does not influence our choice of covers

    Only 20cl though. STW staff obviously easily swayed.

    Full Member

    You’re not stuck with that stem on the Focus, but you have to have an Acros headset (which are already known for their poor quality) with a great big hole in it. Really is an awful, ugly design.

    Full Member

    Hannah attempted to wear them as long dog ears

    but no Baha Men video? 😀

    Full Member

    Who’s got the suitcase for later?

    Full Member

    *is dissapoint*

    I came in here, all ready to complain about the price of something, and the prices of everything listed are only bloody reasonably reasonable*

    I don’t pay my subscription to have nothing to complain about, you know. Hurrumph.

    * Well, apart from the trainer and the Santa Cruz, but we all know that normal laws of economics don’t apply to triathletes and Santa Cruz owners (and it’s a pretty large Venn overlap there too, I’d imagine).

    Full Member

    you could get 50 bottles of the whiskey in a suitcase – good to know!

    Full Member

    * Well, apart from the trainer and the Santa Cruz, but we all know that normal laws of economics don’t apply to triathletes and Santa Cruz owners (and it’s a pretty large Venn overlap there too, I’d imagine).

    Pretty sure very few triathletes own SC bikes, they don’t make a time trial bike for a start…..

    Full Member

    you could get 50 bottles of the whiskey in a suitcase – good to know!

    That is a Downing Street proven fact.
    mmm, that is not a whisky I have tried before.

    The sailing salopettes – look just like the ones I have had for years from many manufacturers, Triboard/Decathlon included, and while they are waterproof and warm, I am not sure about riding in those..As I said on the POC dungaree thread, I am interested to try as I am a big salopette fan.

    Full Member

    I wish I had the money for that Bronson.

    I’d spend it on a Ducati Scrambler and have a fair wedge leftover.

    Full Member

    Nice drop.

    Nice old building too right on the edge of Campbeltown

    Full Member

    Those headset/stems… maybe we’ll see a return of the “best place to drill my frame” posts in the not too distant future?

    Full Member

    Free Member

    the fact the Pete Scullion sends us whisky every year does not influence our choice of covers

    Only 20cl though

    Yep but he’s a 20cl sized person so it balances out

    Full Member

    Also, there are two bottles of that whisky, we only took a pic of one 🙂

    Full Member

    Can carbon frames be repainted like that Starling? I’d love my bike to be all sparkly black with black decals

    Full Member

    Enough with the dungarees already.
    The good life

    Free Member

    I’m fine with the dungies. In fact its great to see stuff on FGF that doesn’t need a remortgage to buy. More of this.

    Full Member

    I second that, please more sensibly priced alternatives.

    Full Member

    HOW mu…

    we all know that normal laws of economics don’t apply to […] Santa Cruz

    oh. dammit.

    Full Member

    Which rims does that very reasonably price DT wheel set use?

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