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In 2018, Amaury Pierron won 3 World Cups in a row & clinched the 2018 World Cup Overall title. In 2019 he won another 3 but dramatically lost out on the overall on the final run of the final race of the season. In the last 2 years he’s sustained some big injuries but battled his way back on to the podium at the final World Cup of the 2021 season. He doesn’t do many interviews, so this is a very special episode with the man who, when he’s on, is the fastest Downhill rider on the planet…

George, Gaetan Ruffin & Amaury, Andorra 2018… an image you might make more sense about 31 minutes into the podcast!

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After taking a 17 year break from exercise, George rediscovered mountain bikes in 2008. Six years later, at 40 years of age he started racing Downhill and the following season somehow ended up on the Revolution Bike Park Race Team. As the other members of the team fought for podiums and National Series victories, George searched for mid-pack mediocrity. In a bit to add some value #makingupthenumbers was born; a blog about their race weekends and in particular life towards the back of the field.

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