Video: Tahneé Seagrave talks injury, recovery, and new perspectives

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There’s a vulnerability and honesty to this Wahoo Frontiers: Tahneé Seagrave video that we think you’ll appreciate. Tahneé Seagrave talks about the changes in perspective she’s experienced following some significant injuries, and with this comes some depth of character and thought that perhaps we haven’t seen before. Some rehab and recovery stories focus on the gym work and the triumph of getting back on the bike, but this is a more nuanced story.

After a whirlwind rise from a 12-year old Morzine-based phenom, to a world championship and multiple world cup-winning global superstar, Tahneé Seagrave is one of the most modest gifted riders to have ever graced the mountain bike race tracks of the world. This will not be news to many.

The story of a great racer goes beyond what happens between the tapes though; from ascendancy to the pinnacle of the World Cup downhill to successive injuries in a short span of time left Tahneé in need of release from a world that can become all-consuming.

Finding happiness in simplicity and power in her own voice has been key to navigating the journey back towards contentment. Now, in the depth of the off-season, Tahneé looks forward to discovering her future frontiers with a newfound perspective that makes her more motivated, faster, and an overall healthier well-rounded athlete and human.

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  • Video: Tahneé Seagrave talks injury, recovery, and new perspectives
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    A nice quiet introspective. I really enjoy Tahnee’s energy and sense of fun although this video wasn’t about that side of her.

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