The Annual Singletrack MegaSack© Countdown – Here’s What’s Coming This Week

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Sunday – Muc-Off Mountain Bike Jacket

This waterproof jacket comes with an over the helmet sized hood that you can remove completely should you so choose. Lightning bolt details in pink and reflective material add visibility day and night, and zipped pockets give you somewhere to stash your stuff. The M.O.D 94 fabric (M.O.D – Muc-Off Developed) is waterproof to 15000mm.

Monday – Lezyne Bundle – Grip Drive HV M Black hand pump, Digital mini shock drive shock pump, Tubeless CO2 blaster & 2 x cartridges, Ratchet drive multitool, Classic Brass Bell, Universal Strap

  • Price: Pump £33, Shock pump £75, CO2 £52, Mutitool £39, Bell £26, Strap £11.5
  • From: Upgrade Bikes

This is a fabulous bundle of useful kit to keep you moving out on the trail. The pump is fully serviceable and the larger volume barrel gives you plenty of pump for every stroke. The shock pump is super small and tidy, but with all the accuracy you could want and a clear digital display, plus ergonomic handling for something so portable. The two-way ratchet kit brings more workshop-like function to the trail side, just flip the switch to tighten or loosen a whole array of bolt head types in event the tightest of spaces on your bike. The CO2 blaster with integrated tubeless repair tool will have your tyres plugged and reinflated before you know it, and in case there’s anything else you might want to carry there’s a versatile frame strap in this bundle too. Finally, there’s a beautiful brass bell to warn folks you’re coming down the trail – fully equipped, with all the gear.

Tuesday – DMR Bundle – Versa Pedal Silver, V11 Pedal Black £55, Pedal Spanner £30, Deathgrip Thin Camo £21

  • Price: Versa £135, V11 £55, Pedal spanner £30, Deathgrip £21
  • From: Upgrade Bikes

These pedals come in five colours, but you’ll be getting this goes-with-everything silver pair. And they really do go with everything – clipped or flat shoes too! One side lets you ‘grind up’ clipped in, while the other lets you ‘bomb down’ on flats if you choose – this message is even engraved on the pedals. Handy for those ‘will I make it’ trails where you want the confidence of an easy dab, perhaps. You’ll also get the new V11 pedals, which use the same shape as the ever popular CNC’d DMR V12, but are made from a glass re-inforced nylon body – letting you ‘turn it up to 11’, hence the name. The classic DMR Deathgrips will keep your hands in control of the bike – they seem to work well for Brendan Fairclough! And a very satisfyingly quality feeling piece of kit, the DMR pedal spanner, will help you fit your new pedals to your bike. If you have to remove your pedals regularly – to get the bike in the car, perhaps – this will make the task a pleasure.

Wednesday – 661 Bundle – Recon Knee Pad V2 £85, Recon Elbow Pad V2 £75, Evo Compression Suit With Chamois £90

  • Price: Knee pads £85, Elbow pads £75, Compression suit £90
  • From: Upgrade

If you like to be sure you’ll be able to ride again tomorrow, you’ll be glad of some protective gear. This bundle from 661 includes knee and elbow pads, plus a pair of compression shorts. Ideal for trying out new lines or learning new skills. All contain impact absorbing D30, which can be removed for easier washing. The knee and elbow pads have extended coverage, giving shins and forearms some welcome coverage, while the shorts include foam hip and thigh, and D30 coccyx protection. You’ll be winning the shorts with a chamois, though a chamois-free version is also available to buy. Feeling fragile or accident prone? This is the bunf

Thursday – Muc-Off eBike Ultimate Kit

The kit contains two eBike specific lubes that have been formulated with the extra torque of an ebike in mind. You also get a bundle of cleaner, cloths, brushes and protective sprays all designed to clean your bike without damaging any paint, electronics or wildlife. No one loves cleaning their bike, but this should make the process a lot easier.

Friday – HT X-2 Clip Pedals Oil Slick

Want to win yourself a Downhill World Cup race? These might be what you need. Designed with multiple world champion Aaron Gwin, the X2 is used by pro riders worldwide and offers a light and strong platform with a deep concave and lots of potential adjustment on the tension release. Shaped to shed mud, you’ll be able to keep riding even in the swamps of Les Gets. This oil slick pair comes with X1 and X1F cleats as well as an 8mm service socket. With multiple cleat entry directions, you’ll be able to dab and clip back in, even if you’re riding wild and loose.

Saturday – It’s Christmas! No Video today as it’s all about friends, family and joy to the world! And if you’ve been good, the big man will have taken care of you!

  • Price: Priceless
  • From: The North Pole

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