Socialtrack Wishaw – Community Pump Track Project Hit By Thieves

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Sorry, but this is likely to make you angry. No one likes to hear about bike theft but this one is especially bad…

Remember this heartwarming video about the pumptrack in Wishaw?

The community project Socialtrack that looks after the pump track has posted on Instagram to say that they’ve had their warehouse broken into and all their bikes stolen, including some very distinctive ones.

The news we never wanted to say.

We have had our warehouse broken into and all our stuff stolen. At the moment that means we can’t run any of our social outreach programmes. So cheers to whoever stole our stuff, you’ve left kids without hope.

Here are some of our more individual bikes. If you are offered one, phone the police and quote 0880-041121

These bikes are really distinctive and easy to spot, most of these are one off custom builds.

Socialtrack Instagram

Worse still, only five of the bikes will be replaced by the insurer, so they’re unable to continue with their programme of outreach, enabling people in one of the most deprived areas of the UK to enjoy the feeling of riding a bike.

Hi I’m Dan, one of the founding members of Socialtrack.

Recently we were broken into and over £30,000 worth of bikes were stole from us and the community.

With over 30+ bikes stolen freom our community bike library and the unfortunatly news that our insurance will only replace 5 bikes we are many bikes short of what we need to carry out the activities we run.

Visits to trail centres, sessions at skateparks and pump tracks we try our best to give kids in poverty a chance to do something different and fun, while keeping them active and engaging in positive experiences.

Without those bikes Socialtrack can’t do that.

So, I’m asking for you to please consider giving to this fund so that we can replace our community library so we can start up our community work again as soon as possible.

Socialtrack Instagram

If you’d like to give to this fund, head here.

Or maybe you’re the head of an insurance company that might like to step up? Now wouldn’t that be nice…?

This pumptrack was one of the early builds in Scotland that has help show just how successful a pumptrack can be in bringing a community together, offering an accessible activity to a broad range of people, and being a real asset to an area. If you don’t know what pumptracks are all about and how great they can be, check this out:

And if you’d like to help bring another into being, there’s a consultation happening in Longridge, Lancashire, right now. Go add your support.

Donate to Socialtracks recovery fund here

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  • Socialtrack Wishaw – Community Pump Track Project Hit By Thieves
  • Premier Icon Ben
    Full Member

    Scumbags. Unfortunately there’ll always be people after a quick buck. They’ve got a gofundme so chucked a few quid in

    Premier Icon benjim
    Full Member

    That’s proper shit, will chuck some money their way. Thanks for the big up for Longridge, there’s a huge amount of interest which is great and having a pumptrack a few hundred yards away from home would be fantastic!

    Premier Icon Ken Rowan
    Full Member

    This is on my doorstep and as it says in the film, is in one of the most deprived areas in UK. To see those kids flying round the track on those bikes brought a huge smile to my face and fills me with humungus respect for Socialtrack. This is the kind of activity severely lacking in UK; our youth are largely forgotten about and when left to their own they usually end up on the wrong side. I’ll be sending a donation off to the Socialtrack’s Gofundme and hope they get back on track. Please do the same.

    Premier Icon oldmanmtb2
    Free Member

    Nice you see back PP as the resident singletrackworld stand you have been missed.

    I shall jog over and donate…. heart lungs or testicles? The testicles are very low mileage….

    Premier Icon redsnail
    Full Member

    Sorry to read about the robbery. I hope they can recover and keep on with the good work. Slung some money their way to help. 🙂

    Premier Icon Oblongbob
    Full Member

    Donation made

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