Mountain Bike Quiz of 2021

by 24

Here’s your chance to find out whether you’ve been spending as much time riding bikes as you have reading about them!

Singletrack Quiz of 2021 - have you been paying attention?

If you don't know the answers, they're all to be found somewhere within the pages of or Singletrack Magazine.

How did you do? Is all the chat, knowledge gathering and general waffle part of the fun of bikes and you’re very proud of your high score? Or is it time to step away from the screen and go and do some pedalling?

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  • Mountain Bike Quiz of 2021
  • Premier Icon Yak
    Full Member

    Hmmmm, quite hard. 20

    Premier Icon LeeGee
    Full Member

    21, lots of guesses and a couple I should have known

    23/30 and I wrote one of the answers. :-/ You’ve set the bar high with this one Hannah, I bet anyone who gets full marks has done a fair bit of googling.

    Premier Icon Tom Howard
    Full Member

    22 for me, happy with that.

    Premier Icon DickBarton
    Full Member

    12 for me and disappointed it was that high, means I’ve spent too much time reading about biking than actually biking.

    Premier Icon jimmy
    Full Member

    19. Quite a few guesses.

    Premier Icon Jon Filkin
    Full Member

    20. Happy with that!

    Premier Icon Kayak23
    Full Member

    11. Must try harder.

    Premier Icon edd
    Full Member

    21 quite a few guesses though

    Premier Icon scaredypants
    Full Member

    8 – pretty much matching random guessing

    Premier Icon BigBlackShed
    Full Member

    13. All were guesses apart from two.

    I shall crawl back under a rock.

    Premier Icon didnthurt
    Full Member

    😓 11 out of 30.

    Premier Icon danieljohnreynolds
    Full Member

    18/30 – I seem to have got all the randomies right and the proper bikey ones like the bike frame images all wrong!!! Good quiz!

    Premier Icon mark morgan
    Full Member


    I really should pay more attention

    Premier Icon jeffl
    Full Member

    11/30 – Tricky one.

    Premier Icon montylikesbeer
    Full Member

    13, I’ll get my coat

    Premier Icon harry_the_spider
    Full Member

    17. Pretty much all guesses!

    Premier Icon stuf
    Full Member

    19 – not as bad as I thought

    Premier Icon Matthew Hornby
    Full Member

    19 – got every single one of the bike silhouettes wrong! 😁

    Premier Icon AlexSimon
    Full Member

    Quite pleased that I got all the silhouettes! (otherwise poor 18/30)

    Premier Icon Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    So difficult I got 29 right having caught myself out with the Salsa answers 😂 I remember proof reading that review and having to double check it because I couldn’t get the names straight in my head.

    Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
    Full Member

    14 which I’m happy with..

    Premier Icon Lauren Jenkins
    Full Member

    19. Not too bad I suppose!

    Premier Icon spdnik2
    Full Member


Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)

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