Singletrack MegaSack Countdown Day 6 – Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet

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Here we go, it’s Monday, it’s still December, and we’re still giving away prizes! Today, it’s that kit essential: a helmet.

Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet

This helmet is worth £189 and fully adjustable on the inside, so you can vary the height it sits as well as tightening it up. It’s designed for use with goggles, with a rubbery strip at the back of the helmet to keep the strap in place. The helmet is also shaped to leave room for the legs of glasses, should you not be going full enduro. Included in the box is a crash-tested accessory mount so you can attach a light or camera to your helmet. In the event of a crash (hopefully caught on camera?) MIPS helps protect your head from the effects of rotational forces.

Watch our Day 6 video and you could be the lucky winner of this helmet tomorrow.

lazer jackal mips helmet megasack

How Do I Enter

Log in to reveal the entry form in this story and answer the question you’ll find there. The answer you seek will be in the video above.

Answering the daily question gives you two chances to win: you’ll be entered into the daily draw for that day’s prize; and you’ll also get one entry into the Megasack draw.

Every time you correctly answer a daily question and enter a daily draw, you get another entry into the Megasack. You can go back and enter the daily answers after that daily prize has been drawn, and it will still give you an extra entry into the Megasack draw.

The rules are strictly one member one entry/day. If we detect any attempt at multiple daily entries we will remove all those users entries from the draw.

And another thing… Really sorry to our overseas readers but we can only send prizes to a UK address. If you have a friend or an address you can use in the UK for a prize then by all means enter.What will Mark be drinking by his fireside when he picks the MegaSack winner? *

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Previous Day Winner

User falmouthkaz Is our winner of Day 5 and wins a Granite Design Cricket Bell. Give us a shout for joy in the comments and watch your inbox for an email from us to sort your prize.

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  • Singletrack MegaSack Countdown Day 6 – Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet
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    Music is a lot like love, it’s all a feeling
    And it fills the room, from the floor to the ceiling
    I see miracles all around me
    Stop and look around, it’s all astounding
    Water, fire, air, and dirt
    Fugging magnets, how do they work?

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    Magnets are over-rated, I don’t see the attraction.

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    Why are we still being asked what Mark is going to be drinking on Christmas day as well?

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