Win a Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS Full Face Helmet!

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Take a detailed first look at the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS full-face helmet and enter for your chance to win one for yourself!

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS first look

This is the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS helmet, also known as the RPC for short. The Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS helmet has been designed and developed to offer riders the best impact protection possible while remaining, comfortable and stylish.

Obviously with Carbon in the name it’s not surprising to see that there is plenty of the wonder plastic used in the manufacture of the Rampage Pro Carbon. Carbon is used on the outer shell of the helmet but also even on the buckles for the chin straps too.

In addition to carbon fibre, Fox uses EPS foam, Fibreglass, Nylon and Polyester materials in the Rampage full-face helmet to ensure a perfect balance of weight, comfort and protection.

This being the 2021 helmet, Fox has updated with a new multi-density EPS layer, a new breakaway visor system and MIPS.

MIPS is a common sight on top of the range helmets these days, and you’ll know if your helmet has it from the yellow MIPS sticker. MIPS is designed to reduce the rotation motion and to help absorb energy in the event of a crash. The idea is that a regular helmet will transfer rotational forces to your brain, whereas MIPS helps to reduce those forces.

Multi-density EPS Foam is another update to the 2021 Fox Rampage Pro. The in-mould EPS foam is a very lightweight material, but it is also very effective at spreading forces across a wider area. Fox uses a dual-density EPS foam that can better absorb high and low-speed impacts.

The EPS foam can be seen between the vents of the helmet, of which there are many. Comfort doesn’t just mean soft materials and a good fit but also excellent heat management. Boasting a large number of vents around the carbon shell ensures there will be plenty of airflow and you should keep cool on the move.

I also like the fact that Fox has included injected mesh screens over the cooling vents too. With helmets without mesh, dirt and other debris can sometimes easily make their way into a helmet. These mesh guards help to stop this from happening while ensuring a generous airflow.

Inside the helmet there a removable and washable pads and an inner liner. These areas use an X-Static material that is antimicrobial and manage order while also being very breathable and fast wicking. The pads can simply clip in and out when you need to freshen them up.

Helmet retention is handled by a carbon D ring. It’s a simple, easy to use and lightweight method of keeping your helmet in place as you hit fast downhill tracks.

Externally Fox has treated the Rampage Pro Carbon to a really trick paint job. It looks almost custom, with a glossy black paint with blue and green metal flecks suspended in it for a really flashy look when the sun hits it.

The outside of the lid also features a fixed visor which fastens in place via breakaway bolts. The idea is that if you were to have an accident the visor would safely break away from the helmet. If this was to happen the bolt is designed to break before the visor, so replacing the bolt should be much easier and cheaper.

Fox offers the Rampage Carbon Pro in S, M, L and XL sizes and offers a number of great colours. Being a flagship helmet, the same model many pro downhill riders wear and featuring a ton of safety functions, the Fox Rampage Carbon retails at £460 and ships with a quality storage/carry bag.

And now your chance to win a Fox RPC – just answer the question below:

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  • Win a Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS Full Face Helmet!
  • Premier Icon adrian adams
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    Oooo, looks good. Always prefer a double D chin strap

    Premier Icon rfreeman
    Full Member

    The Ts & Cs link just points back at this page. Trying to draw some *sensible* conclusion… failing.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    Mesh front vents = good.
    Since I’ve had a bunnet without, I’ve got a surprising number of bugs swept onto my head.

    Premier Icon Thepurist
    Full Member

    GDPR bore alert – there’s a bit of a grey area around getting people to sign up to email lists as a way of entering a competition. It’s usually explained clearly in wording so that the subscription is a clear condition of entry eg. ‘Answer this question and sign up to Fox’s email list and we’ll enter you into the prize draw’ but by saying ‘To win just answer the question below’ and having a separate mandatory tick box for email consent means you’re potentially open to claims that consent was not ‘freely given’.

    The other option is to make the consent box optional, but that’ll obviously impact Fox so it depends on their view of getting sufficient return from this single promotion or whether they need the ongoing marketing opportunity.

    Still entered though, cos there will be an unsubscribe option on every email from Fox… won’t there?

    Premier Icon danieljohnreynolds
    Full Member

    Woohoo – Christmas countdown started early this year!!!

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