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  • Win a Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS Full Face Helmet!
  • singletrackandi
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    Take a detailed first look at the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS full-face helmet and enter for your chance to win one for yourself! Fox Rampage Pro Carb …

    By singletrackandi

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    Win a Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS Full Face Helmet!

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    Oooo, looks good. Always prefer a double D chin strap

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    The Ts & Cs link just points back at this page. Trying to draw some *sensible* conclusion… failing.

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    Mesh front vents = good.
    Since I’ve had a bunnet without, I’ve got a surprising number of bugs swept onto my head.

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    GDPR bore alert – there’s a bit of a grey area around getting people to sign up to email lists as a way of entering a competition. It’s usually explained clearly in wording so that the subscription is a clear condition of entry eg. ‘Answer this question and sign up to Fox’s email list and we’ll enter you into the prize draw’ but by saying ‘To win just answer the question below’ and having a separate mandatory tick box for email consent means you’re potentially open to claims that consent was not ‘freely given’.

    The other option is to make the consent box optional, but that’ll obviously impact Fox so it depends on their view of getting sufficient return from this single promotion or whether they need the ongoing marketing opportunity.

    Still entered though, cos there will be an unsubscribe option on every email from Fox… won’t there?

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    Woohoo – Christmas countdown started early this year!!!

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