Playing In The Woods – Who does it better?

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Two videos, two riders, two brands, and lots of trees. For this video head to head, we want to know: who does playing in the woods the best? Do you like the slippery leafy slither of the Pacific Northeast, or the drier jumpy turns of France?

The Pacific Northeast with Myles Trainer

Tucked away in the upper left corner of our country is our home of Bellingham, WA. Known for its mossy trees and lush ferns that cover the mountainous landscape. Three thousand miles away, the opposite side of our country is famously known for its fall foliage and leaf covered woods. Hailing from Vermont, Myles Trainer grew up riding the slippery leaves that blanket those trails every year. Now living in Bellingham, we got out to film with him here during the short window of trail conditions that he knows best.

Commencal Segment – Thomas Estaque

If Thomas Estaque dreamed of a track, what would it look like?

A few weeks ago, dig crews worked the land in Utah to build the best possible line for their Rampage riders. In Ariège, France, PEF along with Thomas Estaque and his crew have been shaping their own playground. Here’s their take on the perfect track, the COMMENCAL Segment!

Since filming, Thomas and the shape team have redeveloped the trail to make it accessible to the entire community. For those who wish to ride it, it starts at the following GPS coordinates: 42.915732, 1.114997

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  • Playing In The Woods – Who does it better?
  • Premier Icon oceandweller
    Full Member

    The poll seems to lack a “none of the above” option…
    My local trails in Swinley Forest look like the Pac NW vid for 6 or 8 weeks a year & they’re TERRIFYING – don’t have the faintest idea what’s under the leaves. Could be roots, holes, step-ups, abandoned bikes & dead MTBers for all I know, anything, just waiting to grab my front wheel & throw me headfirst into the trees. Autumn rides round here are *very* slow & careful!
    OTOH, on the rare occasions the trails are bone dry like the Commencal vid the front wheel digs into the sand & grinds to halt while the back spins out on the slightest uphill. No fun at all.
    No, give me classic Brit damp-but-not-slimey & I’m good to go all day. Lovely stuff!

    Premier Icon AlexSimon
    Full Member

    I don’t think I’ve seen a Commencal edit that wasn’t incredible!
    It all started with a nuts one years ago with a 2CV at the beginning.

    Extra points for making the location public!

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