Orange Stage 6 Evo – Are you F.A.F or just a faffer?

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Orange has given the Stage 6 the Evo treatment, revealing it today in an intimidating flurry of words about speed and acceleration and so on. Will this speak to your racing synapses? Or do you not care about that, it looks lovely, and you’ll have one to sit on the back of your adventure wagon while you faff around with waterproof socks and prepare for a lap of Glentress (blue)?

The Stage 6 Evo will initially be available as an SE spec (Special Edition), at £6,400 Ox Blood Red gloss paint finish. Other models will become available at a later date.

Over to the Orange marketing department…

“Hair raisingly fast, with well-balanced handling” was the brief. We reckon the Stage 6 Evo is the bike to raise the hairs on the back of your neck before setting you straight back to cool, calm and collected. If you love the feeling of dropping into a fast trail with the bike accelerating beneath you, the track’s texture coming up though the contact points and the suspension flowing over the rocks and roots, then this is the bike for you. No traction control button, just full-on sport mode – you’re welcome.

Full on EVO from Orange means you have honed geometry with decades of development and thousands of miles of test riding. The Stage 6 Evo is an aggressive trail bike with 29” wheels, designed to take a 150mm fork, with 140mm of rear wheel travel. This bike is fast, fun, and more than happy to ride terrain more aggressive than its travel numbers would suggest.

With the emphasis placed firmly on geometry and the incredible performance benefits that brings, the Stage 6 Evo could be the only bike you’ll ever need. The frame features our new asymmetric swingarm construction which improves stiffness and strength, a more progressive suspension curve, offset bearing housing to give more space around the chain-ring which allows us to use a more neutral pivot position. The bolt-thru rear axle now threads into a UDH gear hanger – we believe this is a promising new ’standard’ and we approve; UDH is universally available, simple and robust – a great step forward.

Neat features that we’ve also added to the new Stage 6 Evo frame include accessory mounts under the top-tube, to support the oodles of new and innovative accessories coming onto the scene. When you find your favourite, you’ll be good to go.

And what’s F.A.F? You can work it out.

Frame Construction

With over two decades of fabricating and refining our own custom formed aluminium monocoque frames under our belts, Orange has developed the ideal balance of pedalling efficiency and shock performance whilst maintaining the compliance to ensure optimal grip whilst cornering. This new design has allowed us to achieve these traits by using thinner, lighter cross sectioned tubes all manufactured in-house. The swingarm has improved resistance to twisting under pedalling load while maintaining the lateral flex that gives grip when the bike is leaned hard into turns.

The result of lowering the non-drive-side chainstay, with better integration of the bearing housings, along with revised tube thicknesses, has resulted in a 20% increase in longitudinal stiffness and a 15% increase in overall strength compared to previous construction methods. This improved stiffness ratio also aids pedalling efficiency through a reduction in twisting and enhances shock performance, all without increasing weight.

The frame’s asymmetric bearing housing means we can locate the main pivot in a neutral position to minimise the effect of drivetrain/suspension interaction (pedal feedback), allowing the bike to pedal smoothly through the choppiest of terrain.

Orange Stage 6 Evo frame features at a glance:

  • Brand New for 2022 Custom Formed Monocoque 6061-T6 aluminium frame
  • Designed and built in Britain
  • 5 year frame warranty with Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement
  • New Aggressive Evo geometry optimised for 150mm front/140mm rear travel
  • New Neutral pivot position
  • New Progressive suspension kinematics
  • New New asymmetric swing arm design with greater strength and lateral rigidity.
  • Off-set pivot for chainring clearance
  • Geometry for reduced offset fork
  • New Improved dropout with UDH gear hanger
  • Boost 148 rear hub spacing
  • New Top tube accessory mounts
  • Bottle cage mounts under downtube
  • Internal cable/hose routing

Stage 6 Evo SE Specification

  • F: 150mm | R: 140 mm | W: 29
  • Fork: Ohlins RXF 36 M.2 Air 150mm 29
  • Rear Shock: Ohlins TTX1 Air 210×55
  • Bottom Bracket: Race Face
  • Crankset: Race Face Aeffect 32t
  • Rear Mech: Shimano SLX 12spd
  • Chain: KMC 12spd
  • Shifters: Shimano SLX 12spd
  • Cassette: Shimano SLX 10-51T 12spd
  • Wheelset: Stans Flow Mk4 + Hope Pro 4 (Black) 29
  • Tyres: Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 3C Exo / DHR II 2.4 Exo 29
  • Brakes: Hope Tech 3 E4 Black 203/180
  • Seatpost: SDG Tellis 150mm
  • Seat Clamp: Strange Bolted
  • Headset: Cane Creek 49mm for Tapered Steerer
  • Swingarm: Bolt Type Allen Key Head (Boost 148mm Hub)
  • Stem: Hope M35 x 35mm Black
  • Saddle: SDG Strange Bel Air III
  • Handlebars: Renthal FatBar M35 800mm
  • Grips: Strange Grappler Lock-On

If you fancy yourself F.A.F. and want one of these Orange Stage 6 SE Edition bikes, they’re available now from Orange and Orange dealers.

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  • Orange Stage 6 Evo – Are you F.A.F or just a faffer?
  • Premier Icon FB-ATB
    Full Member

    Over to the Orange marketing department

    Nice pre-emptive strike!

    Premier Icon Adam
    Full Member

    Not bothered about the words, it looks bloody lovely!

    Premier Icon snotrag
    Full Member

    Look ace, its a lovely colour that they use on the Crush too I think.

    It was pretty obvious this was coming a week or so ago as Orange did their usual shuffle around of the bikes available on the website (which as of this morning has all changed again obviously).

    I have been on their site a LOT recently as I have just ordered the shorter travel EVO frame… I did wonder if a longer travel was due and was tempted to wait however I was determined to buy the bike for the riding I do – not the riding I think I do!

    This will be a great trail/enduro-lite sort of option though, might be a while till frames are available. Frame will be £2500 more than likely based on the rest of range.

    In before “how much”.

    Premier Icon Olly
    Free Member

    If ever i snap my five29 frame, ill have one of these to replace it.
    Looks just like it, only betterer, and with a bottle cage mounts and stiffer tail.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    That’s a lovely red colour.

    Premier Icon zerocool
    Full Member

    Looks nice. Makes me want a new Orange.

    Premier Icon ayjaydoubleyou
    Free Member

    Looks nice.

    Any idea if the under top tube bolt mounts will fit a proper bottle on the Large. Could be what brings me back to Orange in the future.

    Chainstays are incredibly long, anyone got some actual real work input on how this will feel?

    Premier Icon 5lab
    Free Member

    bottle cage mounts

    right in the line of fire underneath the downtube. I get how space is limited on small frames, but for those of us who aren’t midgets, just raise the top tube and whack one in there, please

    Premier Icon Adam
    Full Member

    In before “how much”.

    Mason RAW £1700 hardtail frame only. Orange bikes are now VFM!

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    Looks an absolute beast… The old Five 29 was the best bike Orange’d ever made imo and pretty much nobody ever rode one. The Stage 6 is ace too. Oranges always work better the bigger they are…

    Premier Icon halifaxpete
    Full Member

    Looks great, still riding and loving my 8 year old Five 29. Surely its into Stage 5 territory though?

    Premier Icon snotrag
    Full Member

    There’s no stage 5, that’s the stage Evo.

    It’s effectively a 3 bike range into 2.

    (I’m aware it says up there they are keeping the ‘old’ stage 6 on but I bet it vanishes pretty soon like the 4 did once stock is run down).

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    They surely need a 160mm rear travel enduro bike now, but what will they call it now they’ve given this one the wrong name?

    Premier Icon halifaxpete
    Full Member

    Ahh fair enough! Not kept up with the latest ranges TBH as I’m a tight sod who only buys 2nd hand.

    Premier Icon rstephenson
    Free Member

    Love the colour too. Very similar geo to the 2020 stage 5 I’ve got which has a 150 fork 135 rear and similar angles. They only ran that model for a year so they must have had this in mind when they dropped it for 2021.

    Premier Icon endomick
    Free Member

    Beautiful colour, interesting weld on the shock mount plate, not seen one like that before, cable entry still a bit sticky-outy and bottle cage bosses on the underside of the downtube really need to go.

    Premier Icon rickon
    Full Member

    FINALLY! They’ve gone back to the correct amount of travel 150/140.

    Who the hell needs a 170/170 29er in the UK?

    The Five29 and the Stage5 were perfect, and then they messed with the travel making it both not enough and too much!


    Premier Icon Fahzure Freeride
    Full Member

    When will I have my single pivot revelation?

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
    Free Member

    Thought I’d stumbled into the scaffolding thread.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    Very similar geo to the 2020 stage 5 I’ve got which has a 150 fork 135 rear and similar angles. They only ran that model for a year so they must have had this in mind when they dropped it for 2021.

    Why oh why isn’t this the Stage 5 Evo?

    Leaves them nowhere to go for a 29er enduro bike, which would actually be six inches.

    Premier Icon bigbearrich
    Full Member

    A little bird told me there’s a longer travel bike in the offing.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    I did say to a pal yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if a 160mm 29er was unveiled next week.

    Or maybe a 170mm or 180mm rear-travel mullet to revive the Patriot?

    Premier Icon willlsingleton
    Full Member

    I’ve a Velcro strap on bottle cage on my xl alpine works a treat

    Premier Icon Markie
    Full Member

    Is there a shorter travel bike coming too?

    Premier Icon Edmund Billing
    Full Member

    Yeah, seems very similar to my Stage 5. Why not call it that? Anyway, it will be sweet but too spendy for me these days.

    Premier Icon bikesandboots
    Full Member

    467mm chainstays on all sizes. 20mm longer than Cotic Jeht.

    So basically the XL has the same front-rear balance as a M in most other bikes, and I guess the smaller sizes will have a very planted feeling.

    468mm reach and 625mm top tube on a medium.

    The Loam Wolf has some insights on how it feels to ride He’s 6’2″ on a large.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    I’ve a Velcro strap on bottle cage on my xl alpine works a treat

    How is it located please Will? Bottle above or below the TT?

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