Give Singletrack And Save £22.50, Plus Get FREE Merch.

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Christmas is almost upon us, and as part of our Singletrack member services…  we have come up with a mind blowing gift deal for full Singletrack members (that is print and/or digital subscribers, and Lifetime members).

Member Offer: Give a Singletrack “Sub In A Box” this Christmas, and it will not only be half price, but we will also throw in a Singletrack Birthday Tea Towel worth £11.99

In our famous Sub-in-a-Box package is a gift card with a unique voucher code for a year’s membership and full instructions on how to redeem this code. There’s also a copy of the latest issue of Singletrack magazine to get them reading straight away (no waiting weeks for the first issue to arrive). Plus in this offer there is also a tea towel.

Now, while this fine organic and rather cool tea towel would make a great gift, you don’t have to give it away. Keep it… sod them, they have just got a Sub In A Box. Consider it your reward for being so damned generous, whilst also helping out Singletrack a little.

To take advantage of this offer:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to get the member discount.
  2. Follow this link The Sub-In-A-Box – Singletrack Magazine (
  3. Then, at checkout, add this discount code “Iamsobloodynice” to trigger the tea towel offer.
  4. Addresses: If you use your own address as the billing and delivery address, both the tea towel and Sub In A Box will be delivered to you, and you will need to pass the Sub In A Box on to your friend. If you use the gift receiver’s address for delivery, they will receive both the tea towel and Sub In A Box. There is only one parcel going out. We can’t send the Sub In A Box to one address, and the tea towel to another… got it?
  5. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 15/12/21. Discounted Sub In A Box offer is available to full Singletrack members only. The Sub In A Box cannot be redreamed by existing full members. We will be posting via untracked Royal mail. If we run out of Birthday Tea Towels, we may substitute for a free gift of equal or higher (not lower) value. If this happens, we will update this news story.

Become a Full Singletrack Member

The great offer above is only for full Singletrack members (that is print and/or digital subscribers). Anyone can use the code above and receive the free tea towel, but you won’t get a half price discount on the Sub In A Box. So treat yourself, because you deserve it, and become a full member. There are monthly and annual, plus print magazine or digital magazine options, from only £2.50 per month. Click the link below.

Singletrack Full MembershipJoin us

If you like what we do - if you like our independence then the best way to support us is by joining us. Every penny of your membership goes back into Singletrack to pay the bills and the wages of the people who work here. No shareholders to pay, just the people who create the content you love to read and watch.

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  • Give Singletrack And Save £22.50, Plus Get FREE Merch.
  • Premier Icon paino
    Full Member

    If, say, a friend’s subscription is running out soon, could that friend give (ahem) it to himself?

    Premier Icon Charlie Hobbs
    Full Member


    No they can not. It’s covered in the T&Cs, and the techy mechanisms in the membership system.

    But come on… really? We have come up with a good offer, a really good offer that not only helps Singletrack keep on doing what Singletrack does, but also gives existing members a great deal on a Sub In A Box this Christmas, and also a free tea towel. It’s like “deal jenga” a stack of cool deals.
    Can we all be sporting here? Just buy your best biking buddy a Sub In A Box, and keep the cool tea towel for yourself… you are already on a killer deal, and your washing up duties will be greatly emRADened!

    And look at that… we just gave you a new word too. Please feel free to weave it into everyday conversations.

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