Singletrack Elliot Brown Watch Available Now. But not for long.

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Less than a week to go ’til the order book for the Singletrack Elliot Brown Watch closes.

Thanks to all the Singletrackers who committed to support the one off Singletrack Elliot Brown Watch collaboration, it is now a real thing.

Myself and the Singletrack team were really excited about this project, but also a bit nervous. “How many Singletrackers will be up for this, yeah it’s a great bit of kit, but it’s not cheap?”. The answer is almost 200. However, whilst Chipps and I were at The GT Malverns Festival it became apparent that many Singletrack Members were unaware of the watch… they had not made it to last page of the latest magazine and the advert. So, I have had a quick world with Elliot Brown and we have now decided to not restrict it to only those who previously declared their interest. The watch is available to everyone, but only until the 8th October.

elliot brown watch

The order book will close on 8th October 2021. 

At which point the page will be taken down and no further orders can be accepted, so that production can begin. These watches will all be built and engraved to order; they aren’t a model held in stock. And then that is that, you are out of time, tick tock… gone… missed out, no second chances.

Elliot Brown Watch
“Engineering elegant solutions to problems with a mildly obsessive manner is in our blood.”

Your Watch, Your Name.

When you click through, make sure you click “features” and add your Singletrack user name to the engraving box. It is pretty easy to get over excited and miss that.

Why A Singletrack Watch?

We like watches, and we admire the way Elliot Brown do business. They are a cool outfit, and very much like Singletrack. Analogue watches and printed magazines go hand in hand. (You really should listen to the “Whatever happened to Animal Podcast”).

However, the bottom line is merch helps keep your favourite mountain bike magazine going, and this Singletrack Elliot Brown Watch is just about the biggest thing we have ever done. In a world where “Bike” magazine has gone, and even the legendary “Surfer” magazine have thrown the beach towel in after 60 years, I sometimes feel we are on the endangered species list, but you know what? Not only is Singletrack magazine great, the forum is just flipping amazing, but also all the Singletrack members are turbo awesome too. I am rambling… get yourself a cool watch, support Singletrack, stay rad

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elliot brown singletrack watch
Elliot Brown Singletrack Anniversary Watch

You have until midday on the 8th October 2021 to order one of these very special watches.

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  • Singletrack Elliot Brown Watch Available Now. But not for long.
  • Premier Icon Chipps
    Full Member

    Ordered! 🙂

    Premier Icon rnscotch
    Full Member

    It’s a very nice timepiece but unfortunately i only have so much real estate on my wrists smartwatch one side and whoop on the other also as you said it’s not cheap so spending nearly £500 for something that would not move from my dresser doesn’t sit well with my other half. So sadly a miss for me as it really is a sweet looking watch.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
    Full Member

    I hope you manage to get the minimum order.
    I already have too many watches and the Mrs would flip if I got anymore……

    Premier Icon j46
    Free Member

    I have an EB watch already, but I love it would happily recommend!

    Premier Icon leffeboy
    Full Member

    it looks lovely but

    “The Holton Professional was developed in response to a request from a specialist branch of the military who demanded a fit-for-purpose professional watch capable of a life in the field”

    when I read something like that I always imagine an elite squad of telephone sanitisers who need to know exactly when their tea is ready.  I know it’s just modern marketing but it winds me up

    but it does indeed look very lovely

    Premier Icon cynic-al
    Full Member

    @leffeboy 🤣 same here

    Premier Icon duncancallum
    Full Member

    Go on then…..

    Its that or non existing trip to the alps

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    Bugger, wrong thread 😕

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