SRAM Launches new HS2 Rotor

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SRAM has just announced the launch of a new MTB-specific rotor. The SRAM HS2 promises to improve performance, provide more power and dissipate heat more effectively. They are available in 160mm, 180mm, 200mm and 220mm diameters. Price-wise they range from £42 to £62.

The all new SRAM HS2 Rotor is a mountain bike specific rotor designed to improve brake performance while reducing noise and increasing heat dissipation. Featuring a new brake track pattern for increased pad traction and recessed spokes with thermal dissipating paint, the HS2 is a more powerful, quieter rotor with best-in-class heat management.


SRAM HS2 Features:

  • Thicker 2.00mm rotor
  • Superior heat management (40°C less than Centerline, per Garda test)
  • 7% more power
  • Available in 6 bolt and Centerlock 
  • Diameter: 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm
  • Material: Steel
  • MTB specific

SRAM HS2 Pricing:


For more, head to the SRAM website.

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  • SRAM Launches new HS2 Rotor
  • doomanic
    Full Member

    62 quid for a 220mm rotor? Are they on crack?

    Full Member

    62 quid for a 220mm rotor? Are they on crack?

    Maybe the price is a tribute to the other HS2…?

    Full Member

    Those are quite some claims for what is still a steel rotor. I wonder how much of it come from the extra thickness? (I had real issues when my hope rotors got closer to 1mm than the 1.5 you’re supposed to replace at)

    Brake track looks *very* similar to the ancient Avid G2Cs rotors sitting in front of me that came with a set of juicy 5 cable discs.

    Price wise I just picked up some avid 160mm HS1s (wavy with holes) for £6 each (lots about on eBay. Might be fake but they seem to work and last well enough on the road bike).

    Full Member

    The heat management claims are pretty impressive to be fair… Steel is just the right way to make a bike rotor but getting a lot more heat out of it is a good trick. Though I suppose it depends what you mean by “heat management”, just adding more metal means it takes more energy to create the same amount of heat so that alone could give a big improvement in testing.

    The “standardness” of the rotor pattern does make me smile a bit, they went to town on the centreline rotors and made a funky pattern and said that was all great, and now they’ve just gone “yeah, slots are good, boring slots just like we used to and everyone else does”

    Wonder what it means by “recessed spokes”? I thought it’d mean that they were thinner than the friction surface but it doesn’t really look that way

    Full Member

    Wow Srams marketing boys have certainly gone to town on this one 🙄 Heat dissapting paint? 🤔 Jeez! 🙄 From £42 do they think weve just come up on the banana boat! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Full Member

    Just seen supposedly genuine Sram rotors on Ali Express for £6 whats the catch?

    Full Member

    Heat = Energy. I think you mean temperature…?

    Free Member

    give it 12 months and they will be selling 1.5mm thick rotors claiming they are x% lighter.some things are genuine innovation and some things are just marketing to try and sell us what we already have. Are people really struggling with heat management of their brake rotors?
    its a pity they didnt come with a new mount standard then we could have bought new hubs too

    Full Member

    The catch? The level of genuine-ness

    Full Member Banana boat? What era are you living in?

    Full Member

    Yep sloppy reference, apologies, what i should have said was im not that green / gullible / and am old enough to smell BS a mile off that sort of thing.

    Full Member

    From £42 do they think weve just come up on the banana boat!

    Indeed. How can it be quality when it’s so cheap?

    Free Member

    Bound to be better as its new and much more expensive come on guys wake up 🙂 there’s a whole industry out there that needs feeding.

    Full Member

    Indeed. How can it be quality when it’s so cheap?

    The mathematical reason behind that is the exponentially growing surface area by using holes with a smaller diameter than rotor thickness. To be precise: 672 holes on 203mm & 528 holes on 180mm rotors equals around 30% greater surface area and similar improvement in heat dissipation.

    That sounds a lot more believable than a bit of black paint on the rotor arms – they’ve in theory created a better heat sink with the same amount of material. Though it also has a ‘larger friction surface’.

    Given lots of other drilling patterns are meant to create better braking/shit clearance there might be disadvantages of lots of small holes but it is something different

    Free Member

    That sounds a lot more believable

    There’s nothing exponential about it for a start.

    Full Member

    There’s nothing exponential about it for a start.

    indeed. I missed the misuse of that term…..but I’m happy to accept that lots of small holes will have increased the surface area over a smaller number of larger holes

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