Snowshoe DH World Cup 2021 – Final Highlights

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As far as finales go, Snowshoe DH World cup was up there as one of the most exciting. It’s a little sad that the season is over but we get to look forward to next year. Eliot Jackson takes us through the final event. This is edited in such a great way, it captures the intensity and excitement perfectly.

What was your highlight of the 2021 DH season? There were some pretty incredible moments and a good mix of winners throughout. This year we had highs and lows and it was anyone’s game. With Tracey Hannah and Eliot Jackson joining the commentary team, the footage was elevated. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for us all.

Here’s the lowdown of what went down at the last round of 2021 in Snowshoe, USA.

The UCI Downhill World Cup grande finale in Snowshoe brought so much drama, one could have thought it was scripted. But it wasn’t. No one, not even the main protagonists of the story had seen this one coming. After a tough week in the woods of Snowshoe, West Virginia, the cards for the overall win were open wider than ever and a lot of athletes had a lot to gain and a lot to lose on the last race run of the season.

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Snowshoe DH World Cup Results:


  1. Vali Holl -3:39.679
  2. Marine Cabirou – 3:39.935
  3. Camille Balanche – 3:45.100
  4. Tahnee Seagrave – 3:46.236
  5. Nina Hoffmann – 3:46.948


  1. Loic Bruni – 3:13.379
  2. Troy Brosnan – 3:13.800
  3. Angel Suarez Alonso – 3:14.010
  4. Amaury Pierron – 3:14.154
  5. Luca Shaw – 3:14.707

Winning Runs Snowshoe DH World Cup Two

Snowshoe XC Course Preview with Laurie Arseneault and Emily Batty

Winning Runs from Snowshoe DH World Cup One

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