Keeping up with Katy: The Art of Persistence

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This latest video from Katy Winton in her Keeping up with Katy series is another great one. In the last episode, we saw Katy talk about the hard times she faced back in 2020. In this new episode, we see the highs and lows of racing. This is raw and honest and a great look behind the scenes. Katy has had to juggle a lot but always tries her best to keep positive when things don’t always go to plan.

Keeping up with Katy

If you’ve been following the Enduro World Series, you will have noticed Katy Winton has been going at things a bit differently this season. Now running her own team, we at Nukeproof towers are super proud to be part of her journey and love the attitude she is showing to herself and her racing. Moxie XI is more than just a team to her, it’s her badge of honour.

Katy has been running an awesome behind the scenes series on her YouTube Channel to promote the team and much more. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry, but it will demonstrate the mental and physical challenge that some riders go through to be the best in the world. The 4th instalment of the Keeping up with Katy series looks back on the time around EWS round 3 and 4 ahead of this week’s Loudenville rounds.

Katy Winton

Persistence: noun, ‘the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.’

Success is when you’ve laid it all down and given your very best on the day. But what if your best on the day is so far from what you know you can do? What then?

This episode takes you on the roller coaster of racing, from round 2 in Canazei to another double header in La Thuile, Italy. After the stressful winter and the relief of a good result at round 1 I’m left operating in survival mode. But we carry on smiling, giving it everything plus enjoying van life and some beautiful views!

Katy Winton

Katy Winton announces Moxie XI EWS program with Nukeproof

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  • Keeping up with Katy: The Art of Persistence
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    Ah the glamorous lifestyle of the EWS racer. Well done Katy! Keep it up!

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