Got a Local Trails Group? Tell Stans’!

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Stans’ is establishing a project to help donate to local trail groups and bike charities whenever you buy a new set of wheels. They want your help to reach the grass roots organisations.

The idea is that you buy a new set of Stans’ wheels, you’ll be able to select your local trail group or cycling charity to receive a $10 donation. The first step in making that happen is for Stans’ to compile a list of groups – and presumably to get their bank details so they can make the donations. Recognising that there are lots of small local groups out there doing great work, Stans’ is asking you to let them know who you think should get their money. Here’s their plea:

The Goal

We want to be able to donate cash directly to every local trail support group and cycling-related cause.
To make it happen, we’re announcing our Connection program, a way for us to support not only our customer’s products, but the trails and communities that make riding possible for all of us. In addition to our warranty and crash-replacement support, register your new Stan’s wheel, and we’ll donate $10 to the trail organization or cycling-related charitable organization of your choice. Build and maintain new trails, teach kids to ride, make cycling safer and more inclusive, and help people.

What we Need

We need contact info for local trail groups and causes. So far we’ve raised money for national organizations, but we’re building a list of smaller local trail advocacy groups and causes to add to our list of support options. We could use some help spreading the word. People can go here to suggest their local trail support group or a cause:

We’ll also be sponsoring videos that focus on local riding communities and causes. To kick it off, we’re sharing a new video by Brice Shirbach that celebrates the people and trails of Gunnison Valley, Colorado. The first of three episodes in Shirbach’s “Intersections” series, this new video includes great riding but it’s really about the people who make that riding possible and who make Gunnison Valley such a special community. The Gunnison Valley has deep roots within the mountain bike community, going back 4 decades to the birth of the sport itself. The valley is bookended by two communities and together they’re at the forefront of trail advocacy and stewardship and are paving the way for other organizations to follow suit.

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  • Got a Local Trails Group? Tell Stans’!
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    Looks like a good idea…

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