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FGF 565 – The future has landed

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We’ve made it through another week of mis-forecasts, warm nights, high pollen levels and it’s finally the weekend. We’re sure you all have lots planned, but if you find the time to sit back with a brew, it’s time to make your nominations for the 2021 Reader Awards! There’s something different about the Singletrack Reader Awards 2021. Instead of the usual product categories, and all things shiny and pricey, we’re focusing on the people. Head over to the story to find out more.

2022 Orbea Rallon M-Team

Ok, we don’t actually have the new Orbea Rallon at the office still but it was with us for a brief time this week for a first ride (read all about it here). For 2022, Orbea has updated pretty much every aspect of the Rallon from geometry to suspension and even adding storage and integrated tools. With 170mm travel up front and 160mm on the rear, it’s still very much an Enduro Race bike, but with optional (included) shock extensions you do have the ability to run a full 29er or convert to mullet. We’re hoping to get a Rallon in for a long term review later in the year.

Specialized Men’s Trail Alpha Jacket

This cold weather jacket from Specialized features a soft, inside liner that evaporates sweat, keeping you warm and dry. It is a loose fit, casual style for comfort and layering.

It’s a small, lightweight jacket that feels more substantial when wearing it. You might look like an Oasis wannabe, but you’ll be warm in the process.

Specialized Men’s Trail SWAT™ Jacket

A breathable, wind-resistant jacket with a DWR water-repellent coating that packs down small enough to fit in your pocket, or the SWAT cage on your Specialized bike if you have one! It features abrasion panels on the arms, and an under-helmet hood to keep the weather out.

Specialized Men’s Long Sleeve Tee—Altered Edition

A long-sleeved jersey made from Drirelease® polyester fabric, to naturally wick away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. This is a really soft fabric that seems to be so breathable you might wonder if you’re working hard enough.

Unite Co Renegade Bar

The Renegade handlebar ticks all the important boxes. It’s 800mm wide so plenty of room to chop it down if you need to, it’s made from 7000 series alloy for strength and it boasts a comfortable 8 degree back sweep and 5-degree upsweep. Rather than being bent to shape, Unite Co forms its bars allowing material to be removed or added to ensure a balance of weight and strength. The shot-peened bar is available in either a 20 or 30mm rise and costs just £49.99!

Unite Co Renegade Stem

Unite Components are located in Powys and manufacture various components in their own factories using high-tech CNC machines and recently showed off a stunning CNC machined enduro frame. The Renegade Stem is one of the items that Unite manufactures in-house featuring a 35mm bar clamp design and front off faceplate. Unite offers the Renegade in 8 colour options and 2 lengths. We’ll be testing the Renegade stem with Unite Co’s matching Renegade RD35 riser bar.

Unite Co Stem Cap

What better way to top off a Unite Components cockpit than with a matching stem cap? Perfectly designed to fit flush on the Renegade stem the Unite Co top cap also comes in a range of 6 different colours.

JR3DS Aluminium Fork Mount Kit

  • Price: £49.99
  • From: JR3DS

You might be familiar with JR3DS already. The UK based company is known for making quality 3D printed fork mounts and has recently moved into producing alloy versions. This £49.99 fork mount kit comes with a 6082 CNC machined aluminium mount with removable and replaceable axle end caps to suit all fork types. The alloy fork mount can be used to store bikes at home or on the move, with many customers choosing the kits for MTB Van conversions. These kits have been so well received that UCI DH World Cup team Dorval use JR3DS fork mounts when travelling from race to race.

Gusset Slim Jim Nylon Flat Pedals

Gusset has taken their Slim Jim pedal and made a more affordable, lightweight and colourful reinforced nylon version. This low-profile pedal is made of a thermoplastic Nylon reinforced material with a concave design and 10 x 3mm replaceable pins on each side. The bright pedal body runs on a strong CNC machined Cro-mo axle and LSL busing sealed bearings. Gusset has the pedals listed on their website now, but they won’t be in stock until later this year.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Tyres

These are the latest 2022 versions of Schwalbe’s Nobby Nic trail tyre which are now available in 29 x 2.4in size to bring them in line with the rest of the Schwalbe gravity range. The tyres we have on test boast the latest Super Trail carcass and we’ve been sent a Soft compound (orange tyre) to run on the front and a faster-rolling Speed Grip (blue) model for the rear. Andi already has these mounted to his Tallboy and is currently testing them on his local trails.

Here’s a tune in honour of the return of our local Paralympic local hero, Steve Bate, from Tokyo. We wish him a speedy recovery from his hip surgery (not just because we wish him well, but because he’s a right laugh when he’s out of intense training mode and joins us on our mid-week rides, so we want to see him on the trails again soon!).

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  • FGF 565 – The future has landed
  • pmurden
    Full Member

    Is it just me or are Spesh really on point with their clothing at the moment?

    Full Member

    Yep, Spesh clothing looking very good!

    Free Member

    Isn’t there someone else (Sheffield I think) making very similar bolt on mounts with delrin spacers?

    Full Member

    Is it just me or are Spesh really on point with their clothing at the moment?

    International MTN Crew, though?

    Full Member

    Blokpod make similar mounts to these as well. Not sure which is better but when I finally finish the back of my van I chalk be using 2 sets from whoever is the cheapest. (Unless only one of them is manufactured in the UK in which case I will buy that one as being UK manufactured is something I like to support)

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