EXT Superlight V2 springs weigh less than Zebedee on Keto

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EXT’s first Superlight series springs were launched in 2015, now 6 years on they get a lighter V2 update.

We don’t tend to think ‘lightweight’ and ‘coil shock’ together, but while a super plush coil might not be a low-weight as an air shock, there are things you can do to help save a few grams.

By far the most successful way of shaving coil grammage is to use a lightweight spring such as the new EXT Superlight V2. EXT claims a weight saving of as much as 30% on the new spring, depending on spring weight value and travel, when compared to the outgoing model, yet they’re just as long-lasting and safe to use.

This incredible weight reduction has been achieved by using an exotic new material that is normally only seen in motorsport applications. The new material and dedicated production process involved ensure a low weight while retaining that responsive coil performance.

How much weight will you save using the new Superlight V2 vs a spring from another brand all depends on what size and the weight you currently use, but if for example, you’re on a 2.5in 600lb bring you could save as much as 55g.

So we’re not talking about a huge weight saving here, but if you are in the market for a new spring it could be a good way to freshen your tired rear shock without a weight penalty.

For more info visit the EXT website.

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