What Ever Happened To Animal? The Animal to Elliot Brown Podcast

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If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Animal, that brand from that 90’s that made trendy watch straps and steel watches for the outdoorsy types, then this podcast will provide the answer.

Chipps talks to Animal founder Ian Elliot about those Animal beginnings and how that all lead him to found the new outdoorsy watch brand, Elliot Brown. As you will hear, there’s quite a few parallels to be noted between making watches and creating a mountain bike magazine.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen to a watch if you attach it to the outside of a submersible and then dive over a mile below the surface of the ocean then settle back and hit that play button.

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what ever happened to animal
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  • What Ever Happened To Animal? The Animal to Elliot Brown Podcast
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    If this isn’t about the drummer from The Muppets I’m probably not interested?

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