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Podcast | What connects mountain biking to Formula One? Andi speaks to Pirelli to find out.

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Will we ever see Formula One tyre technology make its way into mountain biking? This is just one of the topics Andi touches on as he chats to Pirelli following the launch of the new Scorpion range of mountain bike tyres.

Pirelli is a household name, they produce tyres that might actually be on your car, and now they want to be on your mountain bike too. Andi discusses the new range of Pirelli Scorpion tyres, their technology and uncovers that the same engineers working on F1 tyres also work on our mountain bike tyres.

Grab a cool drink, sit back and enjoy this Bank Holiday edition Singletrack Podcast.

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  • Podcast | What connects mountain biking to Formula One? Andi speaks to Pirelli to find out.
  • wipperman95
    Free Member

    One has to say, you’ve picked the wrong motorsport to compare to. Pirelli are the supplier to the top class of the WRC (World Rally Championship) which is mostly held on gravel stages, though snow/ice & Tarmac events are also seen. They even use Scorpion tyres….

    Full Member

    Yup. If MTB handled the wet as badly as F1 did at Spa then they’d never sell another bike tyre again.
    There again Pirelli F1 has their depot in Didcot so I suppose it won’t be that arduous…

    Free Member

    I just tested a pair of 2.4 X 29 Pirelli Scorpion S. Great in most conditions, except wet rock, where they were lacking in grip and confidence. I was testing in mid Wales, guess what they have a lot of there… Shame as until I hit the wet rocks I really liked them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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