Five Ten Launches new Wet Weather Flat Shoe

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Could this be what we’ve been waiting for? A shoe that will finally keep our feet and waterproof socks toasty and dry? Andi will be putting some through their paces soon, so keep an eye out for a review. For now, here’s a look at the new Trailcross GTX flat pedal shoes from Five Ten.


Five Ten Trailcross GTX

Made using Gore-Tex, Five Ten say these new shoes have been in development for three years, tested thoroughly by their athletes. Supposedly good for all conditions and any terrain, they retail at £150. Here’s what the press release says:

The all-new Five Ten Trailcross GTX is the first-ever flat pedal shoe that features GORE-TEX durably waterproof, breathable technology. Now you can ride in rain, mud, sleet and snow all the while keeping your feet dry.

If you ride in all conditions, the new Trailcross GTX is the best flat pedal footwear choice on the market. The ankle-height shoe has a waterproof, breathable upper that renders cold, damp feet to a thing of the past. A flexible, neoprene, hook-and-loop closure ensures that no debris, water or snow sneaks down your ankles, and the GORE-TEX membrane keeps moisture out while preventing sweat build-up on the inside.

A crew of adidas Five Ten athletes put this shoe through three full years of R&D to make sure it was the best companion available for foul-weather rides. Five Ten pro rider, Darren Berrecloth, helped test the new Trailcross GTX in his home area of Vancouver Island.

The Trailcross GTX is by far the best all-around flat pedal shoe I’ve slipped on. Whether I’m riding sloppy trails or hiking through British Columbia’s rugged terrain, this shoe keeps me warm and dry. Flat out love it!

Darren Berrecloth

The shoe is built on adidas Five Ten’s award-winning Trailcross platform. Dedicated to the idea that mountain bikers need the best interface with the pedal, plus the capability to traverse by foot, scout new lines or hike the steepest chutes. When you add in the elements of mud, water and snow, the Trailcross GTX was born.

We built the Trailcross GTX from the ground up, starting with Five Ten’s iconic dotted outsole for flat pedal performance. We refined the design with hiking in mind, with the addition of a more traditional hiking-specific tread on the toe and heel, and sufficient toe lift to accommodate a walking gait.  All the shoes in the Trailcross family are designed to take you from the bike to trail to home with pedal power and hiking performance. We listened to the riders need for a waterproof flat pedal shoe and the GTX was our answer.

Luke Hontz – Senior Product Manager Five Ten

The Trailcross GTX is the ultimate all-weather shoe, made possible with a protective waterproof, breathable upper featuring GORE-TEX award-winning technology. The Trailcross GTX features a reinforced upper for added stability, while the neoprene ankle cuff and hook and loop closure keeps moisture and debris out during the most extreme conditions. The shoe is designed for all-day comfort, no matter if you are splashing through puddles, crossing spring snowmelt, or pedalling through a summer hailstorm. 

Underfoot is a midsole with the necessary stiffness for pedal power and stability, with mapped flex points for heel-to-toe hiking comfort. The sole is Five Ten’s award-winning Stealth Phantom rubber. It’s designed to provide just the right amount of pedal grip, plus the necessary traction to hike/bike in wet conditions. The shoe has a moulded, full-wrap RPU toe treatment for additional protection on the medial and lateral sides. The Stealth Phantom is non-marking, so there’s no danger of leaving rubber on the rock or on the floor of your local coffee shop.

For more, head to the adidas Five Ten site.

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  • Five Ten Launches new Wet Weather Flat Shoe
  • geomickb
    Free Member

    But will they be warm?

    I’ve just switched to flats and wonder what to wear over the winter.

    Full Member

    I’ve just switched to flats and wonder what to wear over the winter.

    These. Can be had for £15 if you look around.

    Free Member

    I bought a pair off one of the recent PSAs to replace my ageing Terex Crosstrails.

    I’ve worn them once – I found them too hot for current conditions, way warmer than the previous version which is ok as I need a warmer shoe for winter. Maybe that’s the GoreTex, maybe the ankle cuff, or a bit of both. Probably won’t try them again till temps are under 10c.

    Full Member

    Had some for a couple of weeks and thumbs up so far. Size up though. I’m 10.5-11 normally and 11.5 is relatively snug.

    As much as the waterproofness it’s the that they don’t soak as much water up as my old 5 tens that I like so far. They too forever to dry. And got so heavy.

    Like all these ankle closure types getting them on is tight and a little bit of a faff.

    Full Member

    I’ve worn them once – I found them too hot for current conditions, way warmer than the previous version which is ok as I need a warmer shoe for winter. Maybe that’s the GoreTex, maybe the ankle cuff, or a bit of both. Probably won’t try them again till temps are under 10c.

    Useful feedback, thanks. I’m sitting here with both the regular Trailcross Mid and new GTX versions, deciding which Ito keep. I don’t ride flats that often so no justification for separate summer/winter shoes, and after trying them on have been worried the GTX might be too warm for non-winter use. Sounds like that’s probably the case. Think I’ll keep the regular mids and buy some decent waterproof socks for winter flat use.

    Re sizing, I measured my feet then ordered accordingly using the size guidance on Adidas’ site. 287cm heel to toe which put me into an 11.5 (I’m normally a UK 11 in most shoes/trainers). They’re spot on.

    Full Member

    Right so I got some of these and I’ve just realised I don’t know anything about this sort of shoes with the sealy bit on top, never had any. Can you wear them with long socks (ie that stick up above the seal) or does that just let water past?

    Full Member

    Have got some and brought them out to the alps. They’ve been brilliant. The waterproof cuff and goretex liner really works – have done three or four river crossings now along with a day in the pouring rain and have stayed bone dry inside. The stripy tread on the heel is great for clambering down slippy slopes. Finally a proper flats boot for Northern European weather! Go up 1/2 a size as they’re using the Adidas/Terrex last which tends to be narrow.

    Note: long socks will defeat the cuff’s waterproofness a bit. But still prevents them flooding.

    Free Member

    Been waiting for ages for these. So long in fact that I bought a pair of Vaude AM Moab STX over a year ago and they’ve been superb.

    Free Member

    only 2 weeks late, dont forget the 30% off adidas app via vouchercodes, still working the other day.
    = £105

    Free Member

    My 5 10 Spitfires were falling apart (great shoes), and my wet and muddy commute was about to start so I got a pair of the water resistant Freeriders (DLSs?) (and a set of Surly Dirt Wizards) Then Coronovirus hit, my start date was put back, then we had that drought and the very wet winter and spring completely finished, the thick mud was all gone in less than a week and I had to change the Dirt Wizards and get some normal Freeriders, for a bit of ventilation for the heat. The water resistant ones were great for Autumn and Spring (and this very wet and muddy summer) and the normal freeriders only get used in the dry (I dis wear them this Wednesday…) and still look great. For the winter I got the old waterproof and insulated freeriders (EMSs?) which took a bit of searching for but were perfect winter shoes, especially with thermal insoles. The waterproofing works even submerged, up to the tongue, which lets in some water. Ugly as, but covered in mud it doesn’t matter, went a size up too, bigger thicker socks and insoles, occasional self heating toe warmers too.
    I prefer the classic “skate” look 5 10s, but that’s me, and I should get a few years out of my collection.

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