Watch Andreas Kolb avoid a car accident on the Les Gets World Cup Course

by 3 shared this shocking footage showing Andreas Kolb‘s near-miss with a car on the Les Gets World Cup Course!

Downhill riders have a lot to keep an eye on during the race weekend. Before they’re on track it’s the weather, bike set-up and tyre choice, then on the track, they need to watch for changes to the track, roots, rocks, and cars… Yes, cars!

This video posted by our friends over at shows the Atherton Racing team rider during timed practice. Viewing the video we can make out the red Alfa Romeo making its way up the road towards a crossing, but it’s not clear when Andreas realised what was happening.

Thankfully he managed to slow down and stop to miss the car, but as you can hear, he was pretty annoyed. It’s worth pointing out that the marshall is reported to have told the driver to stop, although in the heat of the moment it’s easy to miss this.

We believe that this is probably the first time a car has almost caused an accident on a downhill track, let’s hope something is put in place to ensure it’s the last.

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