New Manitou Dorado gets new chassis, new internals and could be used for Enduro

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The Manitou Dorado is the longest-running inverted suspension fork in the mountain bike market, and the latest looks better than ever!

The Dorado has been a constant in the Manitou range for almost 2 decades now, but in its latest guise, the inverted classic is now available with an all-new 37mm chassis, new internals plus the option of 3 Dorado models including Comp, Expert and Pro.

Also new is the return to carbon fibre, at least for the flagship Dorado Pro. The top of the range inverted downhill fork uses upper carbon tubes to shave 238g off the overall weight while also adding some stiffness to the chassis. According to Manitou the new carbon Pro model is 27% stiffer fore-aft and 22% stiffer torsionally compared to the previous 36mm alloy chassis. Comp and Pro forks use a new alloy chassis that also sees an increase in stiffness over the old model with Manitou claiming an increase in as much as 20% for both fore-aft and torsionally.

In addition to the new stiffer chassis, the new Dorado is also available in 2 crown offset versions to suit either 29in or 27.5in wheels. The shorter 470S offset is aimed at 27.5in wheels, but it is possible to use a 29in wheel in the fork too.

Manitou has also adopted air pressure bleed nipples on each version of the new fork. Called the TSR, Trail Side Relief, Bleed Port the Pro version uses a bleed button to release pressure whereas Comp and Expert models use a threaded screw system.

Another new external feature is the Boost 20 x 110 floating axle. This ensures that the fork legs are perfectly aligned to prevent binding and ensure smooth performance.

The changes continue internally with each version of the Dorado receiving a new TPC+ damper. In the Dorado Pro the TPC+ sealed damper system retains a twin-piston design but is a velocity and position-dependent circuit. This is said to maintain light damping through small bumps when the fork is high in its travel. As the fork compresses the secondary circuit engages. There is also an independent Hydraulic Bottom-out circuit to prevent harsh bottom out in the final 30mm of travel.

Expert level forks get an updated version of TPC+ with redesigned architecture that reduces pressure losses during rebound stroke. The HBO circuit is now located inside the damper cartridge to be fully submerged in damper fluid. Changes have also been made to the feel of the adjustment knobs.

The entry-level Dorado Comp uses Manitou’s ABS+ damper. this long-standing system has been around for quite a while and is proven to be reliable. Users wishing to update the damper in the Comp will be happy to learn that dampers are interchangeable between models.

Spings see some updates too. Pro and Expert forks share a balancing valve in the air spring that equalizes pressure between positive and negative air chambers. Pro forks receive Manitou’s Infinite Rate Tune volume adjuster, while Expert forks use IRT or Incremental Volume Adjustment. Each offering the same benefits, though the system in the Dorado Pro is capable of more fine-tuning options. Once again these systems are interchangeable. Travel on the air springs is also easily adjustable from 180, 190 and 203mm, which Manitou suggests might be of interest to some enduro riders.

The Dorado Comp doesn’t have an air spring but uses a steel coil spring available in 6 different spring rates. Pro and Expert users will also be able to convert to a coil spring with an aftermarket kit, though Manitou does suggest that it’s a one-way conversion and after using the coil users won’t be able to switch back to air.

For more details visit the Manitou website.

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