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It’s Wyn TV Time: La Thuile EWS Race One

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Seems most of Europe has been suffering with bad weather. It’s supposed to be summer, but I guess this may be more typical in years to come. The rain has been causing havoc at plenty of races so far. Talking about the weather is definitely a British thing, but also seems like a mountain biker thing. Wyn is out in La Thuile at the Enduro World Series. It’s another double round so he has a chat with riders for Wyn TV to see how things are going.

Dive into the pits with Wyn and see how people got on in La Thuile before the next race this weekend.

It’s Wyn TV from round 3 of the EWS in La Thuile! Wyn checks in to see whose day was derailed by the weather and who survived.

GT Bicycles

La Thuile Results:


Pro Men results EWS #3 Round 1 La Thuile


Pro Women results EWS #3 Round 1 La Thuile

See the full results here.

Melanie Pugin
Melanie Pugin on her way to the win. Photo: EWS

The third round of the series saw both the men and women’s race head into the fourth and final stage of the day with less than a second separating the race leaders from their nearest rivals. It was a suitably dramatic ending for a race that proved electrifying from the start, with racing that came down to tenths of seconds. 

Enduro World Series

Series Standings:


  1. Richie Rude – 1575
  2. Jack Moir – 1510
  3. Jesse Melamed – 1245
  4. Dimitri Tordo – 1080
  5. Jose Borges – 1065


  1. Melanie Pugin – 1525
  2. Morgane Charre – 1320
  3. Isabeau Courdurier – 1230
  4. Harriet Harnden – 1115
  5. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau – 1050

See the full standings here.

Wyn TV Privateer Award

Wyn is still raising funds for his privateer award. It’s good to see who the money goes to and what it means to the guys and girls who get awarded it. See the fundraiser here.

Thirty Minutes of EWS Goodness with Jack Moir in La Thuile

Bike Check: Joe Connell’s Orange Stage 6 with prototype dual crown Formula fork

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