Chilada cocktail recipe

Charlie’s Trail Kitchen: Mexican Hangover Cure – Michelada Chilada

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Whether you are chilling out in the garden, stopping on the trail, or in desperate need of a hangover cure, the Chilada is a rather invigorating cocktail that will reset your senses.

I was introduced to this by Chris from one blurry eyed post tequila morning in dusty Baja Mexico. We sat on stools outside this roadside shack and watched the guy mix up this simple drink. As more chilli went in, my apprehension increased. “are you sure about this?”… “yeah trust me”. Around 15 minutes later after I had been on a cosmic chilli trip Chris asked “and how’s that hangover?”… it was gone, and we were now ready to get lost in the desert again.

Chilada cocktail recipe


  • Cold lager style beer.
  • Ice cubes.
  • Tomato juice, or Clamato juice if you can get it which has clam chowder mixed in (yes, really).
  • Tabasco sauce.
  • Worcestershire sauce.
  • Celery Salt (found in the herb n spices rack at the supermarket)
  • Chilli powder.
  • A lime.


  • Sprinkle celery salt and chilli powder on a saucer.
  • Coat the vessel’s rim with lime juice.
  • Invert your drinking vessel and coat the rim with the celery salt and chilli.
  • Add ice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to your cup.
  • A quick note on measurements… do whatever you want, this is food jazz, not an exam.
  • Then add the tomato juice and beer, in a 50:50 mix.
  • Add a wedge of lime to be squeezed in.

Here I have used our new turbo handy Klean Kanteen flask, that claims to keep things cool for up to 47 hours! If you are mixing this on the trail, throw everything in your insulated flask, and simply add the bubbly beer when you serve it.

At home I often go to town and garnish it with seafood, or beef jerky and chunks of cheddar.

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