Can Bikes Solve The Haribo Delivery Crisis?

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On hearing that Haribo deliveries could be facing disruption, we were worried. Component delays are one thing, but you can grind along on that old and skipping chain for a while. Time riding without Haribo…an hour, max, surely?

A Haribo disaster of a different kind

In an effort to address this impending emergency, we’ve contacted Haribo HQ to offer our services:

We are an international mountain bike magazine and website based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. As you may be aware, the smooth running of the mountain bike world depends on the availability of Haribo. Without Haribo, rides would be forced to stop at the top of the first hill, and everyone would have to go home early. There would be no friendly passing around of Tangfastics, nor pulling of sour-sweet faces, while taking in a particularly fine view. We would be forced to carry other forms of emergency food for when the going gets rough, and we all know that a handful of raisins is just not the same as a handful of Starmix.

We think we might be able to help you. We have calculated that our electric cargo bike could carry approximately 457 bags of 175g Tangfastics. We’re pretty sure that we can make the 40 mile journey to your factory to collect them – though perhaps we could have a top up to our battery and a tour of the factory before we set off back home to deliver these crucial supplies to the mountain bikers of the Calder Valley?

We think this could be an excellent solution to your current delivery challenges: environmentally friendly and taking your essential product to those who need it most.

We might want the front rack to maximise our Haribo carrying capacity.

In the event that our services are required, what sort of Haribo should we be prioritising for transport?

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Comments (14)

    “Which is the best Haribo for a mountain bike ride?” This question doesn’t even need asking unless you are asking small children.. Pffft!

    Tangfastics obvs.*

    * unless you are vegetarian then giant strawbs are the only choice unfortunately. (dip them in salt?)

    @Yak updated to reflect the vegetarian option. Didn’t know that was the only one!

    There may be more, but from exhaustive (questionable) research by my daughter, she said it was the only viable one that she would eat from the readily available choice. She really wants tangfastics but they are definitely meaty.

    Running a small village shop, next to a school, Haribo is one of our better sellers… Looking through the wholesalers the other day various larger’s and beers were also out of stock due to the delivery shortages…. Could this bring on panic buying of Haribo and larger???

    Larger than Haribo?

    I still think you’re better off with a bag of jelly babies, along with a chaser of chocolate raisins.

    “Could this bring on panic buying of Haribo and larger???” Surely the kids will just buy vodka instead? It’s easier to sneak into school.

    Bubs are a great alternative.

    Maynard’s Jelly Babies, not sticky, easy eating.

    I love this place. Where else would you get an article like this? Cracking. 🙂

    brakestoomuch has just made me come up with the idea of haribo vodka/gin! no doubt this has been done a million times before but even I might like gin flavoured with haribo

    You don’t flavour gin or vodka with hardbo. You add it a little at a time into an airtight tupperware type container full of (bears are best) haribo and let it absorb until they roughly double in size.
    You then hide them from children.

    Pop tangfastic in your mouth and then follow with a nip of whisky. Honestly, it’s a taste sensation.

    At a time when we are wanting to support local, surely we should be championing the refreshers and Drumsticks or love hearts from Swizzles?
    Made in New Mills under the shadow of Kinder scout.
    Also. Vegan and Gluten-free!

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