Video: Adidas Five Ten Athletes Film Bike Home Videos

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Adidas Five Ten decided to let their athletes loose to film their own edit. The video features Danny Macaskill, Thomas Genon, Martin Søderstrøm, Vero Sandler, Kenny Belaey, Brad Simms, Darren Berrecloth and Hans Rey.

Home Video

With lockdowns in place and travel restricted, the team had to get creative to launch their new range.

Each rider was sent a video and still camera and asked to document their time at home and show what riding means to them.

We have one of the most incredible athlete lineups of any brand. From Freeride to Dirt Jumpers, trials riders to BMX, it is something we are proud of. The Five Ten apparel range celebrates the diverse nature of our sport. We wanted to showcase this in a film that gets people stoked to ride no matter the situation. If all you have is a car park or grass hill, a little creativity can make this the best day ever. With an open mind, there are endless possibilities.

Luke Hontz, Senior Product Manager – Five Ten Bike

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Getting Creative

With lockdowns and restrictions, the usual production methods became very hard to get off the ground, and rightly so. This was unprecedented and the rules were ever-changing. We also wanted to look at how we can limit travel and create a more sustainable approach to filming with 8 athletes scattered across the world. As a team we reflected on how we used to document riding, from road trips to hanging at the park with friends, we just did it ourselves. We stripped everything back, no fancy cameras and production crews flying around the world. Each athlete was armed with a handheld video camera and asked to get creative, show us why they love riding and what it means to them. The result blew us away and we were able to make a full team video inspired by the home movies we made and watched as kids.

Adam Dayson – WorkWith Studios

Want to check out some of the Adidas Five Ten range? Head to the website for more.

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