This EWS Climb Looks Intense: POV with Jesse Melamed

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Take a run down stage three with Jesse Melamed as he pins it on what looks like an incredibly long, challenging, beast of a stage. Jesse came in third today out in Val di Fassa, and it looks like he put in one hell of a performance.

This POV gives you a real idea of how hard it is, especially at this speed and level of competition. It just goes to show the level of skill and fitness it takes to be up top at the EWS.

Jesse Melamed: Stage Three POV

Talking about the race and result on his Instagram, Jesse said:

Feels good to be right back on the podium after last season! I had no expectations for this race, happy with a solid start to this year. First race of the season is done! Just like that. Besides one decent mistake, I am more than happy with my riding today. All the off-season work was put to work as I wasn’t feeling super fast on the bike this week, thanks to the team for all the help! 3rd today and looking forward to the next race in two days.

Jesse Melamed

You can find all the results from Wednesday’s race here. The next race is coming up on Sunday.

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Comments (4)

    Wow, that course has everything. Knackered just watching it 🙂

    That’s what enduro should be about! That stage had everything, looks chuffing awesome! Granted I haven’t seen every stage of every race, but it does seem that enduro is basically just DH on beefed up trail bikes these days, with more stages like that with some proper climbs in, makes it far more of an all-round test of rider and bike

    That looked great…suspect the spectators saw a rather smooth and controlled looking rider storming down the trail, but listening to his breathing, he was clearly pushing himself hard. Spectators wouldn’t hear that sort of effort. Looked a fantastic track, I’d give it a bash but would probably be looking at 8 hours not 8 minutes!


    Latter part of the stage looked like it’d be fun when fresh, but not with your lungs/legs/arms/shoulders on fire….

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